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Is DXP The Future Of The Digital World?

What makes it so important?

Is DXP The Future Of The Digital World?

Friday July 24, 2020,

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Digital Experience Platform: The Future Of The Digital World?

What Is A Digital Experience Platform? 

Content Management Systems

It is a next-generation content management system (CMS) that tracks and keeps account of every on-board customer’s journey of activities, behaviours, interactions, and locations from the time of seeing a product ad till the time the entire lifecycle ends after the purchase of the product. 

It helps businesses to deliver personalized content and compelling experiences to their customers based on their data, across a broad range of digital touchpoints.

Why You Should Be Using A DXP? 

The answer will be yes. DXPs offer tons of experiences that no other thing can compete with. 

Now that we have established what it is, let’s explore why you should use one. 

Here we go! 

  • Better Insights


One common thing that all brands want is Touch Points across platforms and DXPs are what brings every touchpoint under one single roof.

This is important to brands because all of them are looking to deliver fluid experiences everywhere their customers go. It is also proved by surveys that brands which adopt omni-channel strategies, achieves more than 90 per cent year-over-year customer retention as compared to businesses which don't follow the same.

  • More Control Over Business Operations 

Business Operations

DXPs are designed in such a way that not only integrates commerce and customer support platforms but also the brand’s marketing and other solutions in real-time.

Leveraging the same flexibility of APIs, DXPs are capable of collecting all the relevant insights and data and deliver the same to the user using which the right content is delivered to the end customers for their best experience. Hence, giving brands more control over their operations and interactions with their customers.

  • AI-Powered Tech


We all know Artificial Intelligence is everywhere. So, why not in DXPs?

Some DXPs have AI integrated into its system to provide brands with useful insights and data for their entire digital operations, consisting of every digital touchpoint.

Artificial Intelligence can not only capture all the surface information but also the information hidden under a massive amount of leftover data, helping users get the information they are looking for, as and when they want.

  • Special Personalization


In every business, customer personalization is important. Be it a remote grocery store or a multinational SaaS company, special attention to personalization always helps to make a better impression in Customers’ minds. 

DXPs, powered by Artificial Intelligence, also makes it possible to personalize at such a scale that drives extreme customer loyalty. Thanks to the immense experience specially tailored to every user, making them feel special. 

This personalization also takes account of every action of every customer to learn their patterns for understanding them properly. This same data helps brands to be more consistent and automatically improve the customer experience at every stage. 

This intelligent use of customer data greatly helps businesses target the right person at the best time.

  • Smart Architecture 

    Smart Architecture

We all know how smooth functioning DXPs offer and how flexible it is but I guess, no one has wondered how it all happens in the background. 

The magic behind this lies in the smart microservice architecture that enables it to be so smooth and flexible. 

The microservice architecture allows the smooth and continuous deployment of  large, complex applications, enabling the user to improvise its technology stack.

This means developers can make independent backend changes without affecting the frontend where marketers make changes, and vice-versa, without affecting the other part.

Should You Be Using a DXP?

It depends on what type of business you have. A business that has various touchpoints, a large number of a diverse audience, and a good digital presence or is building one, should use DXPs as their main driver to deliver a fluid experience to its customers. 

With or without a physical store, if you happen to have a digital store and you have scattered touchpoints everywhere, a DXP can actually increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your brand a lot of time, effort and energy. 

Plus, if you are looking to reach a wide audience in a limited time, this should serve the purpose. 

What Type Of DXP Should You Use? 

Not all DXPs are the same. 

There are mainly three different types of systems, based on an organization’s requirements. 

  • CMS DXPs

This one is mainly for Creative Agencies involved in B2C Marketing and Advertising, looking for something better than just a CMS. 

CMS DXPs extends the capabilities to analytics and persona-based segmentation for customer acquisition, demand generation, etc. 

  • Portal DXPs

This one is mainly catered to B2B and B2C Manufacturers and Fintech companies for their post-sale and customer support operations. 

Portal DXPs generally have features such as CMS, mobile support, workflow automation and mobile support in addition to front-end presentation.

  • Commercial DXPs.

These are mainly catered to retail brands to push promotional content to their e-commerce websites.

Commercial DXPs offer features such as pre-purchase, fulfilment and product return, shopping cart, payment and inventory management.

The Bottom Line

It’s the world of Digital Evolution now, and there’s no turning back.

Businesses want to get as many customers as they can. Thus, they want to tap into what their customers want and provide what they want in a smooth transition.

From the perspective of a marketer, this is a good thing, because digital innovations are connecting brands with consumers in ways that weren't even possible a few years ago, and that’s what matters most to both sides.