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Future of Online Matrimony Business in India

Future of Online Matrimony Business in India

Thursday June 27, 2019,

5 min Read

Online Matrimony

India is a place where most of the marriages are arranged even now. Matchmaking has been a part of the Indian marriage system since forever. Reason being that parent-children relationship here is very close. Parents want to look after each and every aspect on their own to select a life partner for their children. Even children are raised in such a culture and environment that they are ok with this trend.

Earlier the hunt for perfect a girl or a boy was done through local priests, relatives, word-of-mouth recommendations, marriage bureaus, newspaper advertisements in matrimonial columns or at times the mediators. A whole process from matching “Kundali” (astrological way to check compatibility), the meeting of families, background verifications and assurance from relatives took place. This offline process involving too many people is still in practice but at a very low scale.

This whole traditional matchmaking process changed and was set aside when the wave of online matrimony's came into existence. It was almost two decades back when online matrimony business started in India. Initially, people opted for it when none of the traditional methods worked for them. But now the scenario is totally opposite. The advanced version of matrimony platform-online matrimonial industry has set back traditional business already and had taken over the market share of matrimonial ads in newspapers. And it seems to be unbeatable looking at the current statistics.

Hammad Rahman the Founder of Nikah Forever one of the top muslim matrimony says “Online matrimony business will see more growth, considering the modern lifestyle. People are busy and can't invest time to find a suitable match through traditional methods. They need something easy, convenient, confidential and assured. That’s where matrimony sites serve the purpose with the huge database they have while offering with authenticity, privacy, and security”.

It is growing at a faster pace as the matrimony businesses have caught the nerve and know that they have to find a niche and dig into more specifications as what exactly and all people want. They have to make both bride/groom as well as their parents happy. Also, they are aware of the fact that a single strategy or service cannot serve all. Arranged marriages come with specific needs combined with a lot of restrictions.

One of the most basic, constant and specific needs for an arranged marriage is to find a person in one’s own community. Along with this, multiple other requests and demand are there from the end users. For instance, some are there for the first time while some want a second marriage (may be divorced or widow). Few users seek a match which has the same financial status while other needs someone with a specific qualification, NRIs looking for Indian spouse and the list doesn’t end.

Business owners for online matchmaking well understand these multiple demands and know that few specific packages will not fit everyone’s need and something or the other will left behind. So, they have come up with new ideas like offering free registration, customized packages, more “required to filled fields” while filling the form online, compatibility check feature, adding filter options and more categories on websites which people can relate to and can fulfill their needs, providing trained relationship advisors and so on.

Matrimonial websites have redefined the matchmaking experience on the internet. As per reports, online matrimony business sees a growth of 25%-30% every year. It is increasingly becoming a better option to search for perfect mates for the new generation.

Online Matrimony businesses are equipped with experts and trained professionals who not only have technical knowledge but understands the roots of Indian culture as well. They are skilled to merge the latest technology with Indian tradition and culture, therefore providing diverse solutions with real-time experience to the users. with all the benefits and positive aspects, there is no need to wonder why online matchmaking is dominating the wedding scene in India.

Convenience, time-saving, efficiency and more privacy are the main reasons for this huge increase in demand for online matrimony. While we have smartphones in our hands almost all the timed it makes it even easier and handy. So, Indian Matrimonial sites serve as a perfect alternative for millions of Indians who still belong to traditional beliefs. Considering the above benefits, online matrimonial websites have become an apt choice and a preferred substitute for their users to find brides and grooms.

Online Matrimonial is the platform for millions of users to connect with each other for the purpose of getting married. It is a global platform, which acts as a bridge between singles ready to mingle and connect them from all over the world. It is the modern scenario to arrange marriage set-up and offers a wide search to youth.

The user-friendly interface for both youths as well as parents and the simple process adds value to the business. You simply have to sign up/log in to the website of your choice and register there, by filling a form to upload your bio- to with one click of a mouse you can begin the search based on your preferences. These sites even offer the online chatting feature to start initial conversations. Online matrimony sites are the ideal mix of Indian traditional values and latest technology for Indian bachelors and spinsters to explore and find a perfect match for a lifetime.

Final Words

Well, statistics and current scenario show that online matrimony business is unstoppable and will continue to grow even faster. Though marriages are made in heaven, online matrimony brings your Mr/Miss right on digital platforms for you to find them easily.