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How can Digital Marketing help the real-estate market to sustain or bounce back in this Covid-19 Pandemic?

How can Digital Marketing help the real-estate market to sustain or bounce back in this Covid-19 Pandemic?

Tuesday June 30, 2020,

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We are now living in a world where we have to encounter digital marketing at some point in time whether we like it or not. The Covid-19 pandemic has shown us such nightmares, which we never imagine, even in our dreams. Businesses are on their toes. Nobody has seen such chaos. The problem that arises here is not to maintain the profit, but to survive this dreadful period.

In India, the global pandemic has reached the doors of the sector, which is already suffering from the slowdown. Due to demonetization, GST (Goods and Services Tax), and many other rules and regulations put by the government.

The economic forecast cannot take place due to the current pandemic situation. As the market lacks liquidity and jobs cut are at an all-time high around the nation. The question repeatedly asks by real-estate companies to their digital marketing agencies, “How to survive this pandemic”?

The Big Question 

The Big Question


The big question which is facing right now is “Will real estate bounce back after the Covid-19 pandemic”. We have to keep in mind. It’s not the first time our country is facing such a crisis. In the past, we have faced many economic crises and bounced very well. 

Our government has taken a lot of efforts to increase liquidity in the market. Many steps have sought to push the economic wheels of the country. The real estate sector has been patient and optimistic in this pandemic situation.

As a Digital Marketer, one should research as much as one can to find the opportunity and gain the trust of the customer. We can see such time as ripping a plant which will give fruit to its farmer when the time comes. 

Time to be the ‘Southpaw’ of the Digital Marketing Ring.



In this pandemic crisis, everybody is thinking to stop Facebook and other social media ad spending and to use it after the corona issue gets resolved or gets milder. But these are the situations when the marketer has to be the southpaw of the marketing ring.

These are the times when everyone is at home, and there is nothing to do but stick to the screen one way or another. According to the data, the usage of social media has increased drastically, helping to decrease the average CPC(cost per click) of the marketers.

This reduced CPC and users’ increased screen time in social media platforms will help build a database of the potentials, which can be used later in the year. The reduced CPC will help the real estate agencies to reduce their marketing budget.

These are the steps that could help the real estate developers to face this ‘Black Swan’ situation.

To sail in this Digital Marketing ocean, you must know the direction of the wind.



This pandemic has put a mindset on people to use e-service for everything, whether it is buying a grocery, paying your bills, and other issues. Real estate is not an exception here. One should understand the fact that at the time of the pandemic, it’s the home that is keeping them safe.

Every person right now is thinking of owning their own house. The budget may be high or low, but everybody thinks of having a home to keep their family safe. It may sound dramatic, but it’s the hard-hitting reality.

There is no way you can pursue them by calling, or they will come out to find one. The attractive and innovative kind of marketing can help to persuade them. Then they come to you instead of you going to them to convince.

The sales figure’s problem is just a matter of time because everything is a bit uncertain right now. Everybody is holding their horses in a chaotic atmosphere. Once the country passes this rough patch, the sales and craving for their houses will come back for sure.

How can Digital Marketing help Real estate to Develop?



We are witnessing the fear and chaos in everyday life of the people. We must understand that people are not going to travel to the location of the development. Neither a developer can take them to the site by providing transportation.

In this situation, digital marketing can help customers by providing them with a 4D or 3D tour of the houses and maintaining a healthy relationship with new or existing customers by using a chatbot and giving them a personal touch virtually.

One must understand, we don’t have to talk about business all the time. Sometimes we have to give free value to gain a personal database such as customer demand and choices. In this scenario, we can’t gather people to do workshops, so instead of that, we can conduct a free webinar to know the problems of customers who want to buy the property. 

In the webinar, we will get the information about the question and What are the areas a company needs to improve itself.

In the last words, we must take this pandemic to build a virtual infrastructure for the Real Estate companies to face the coming storm of the virtual world. Make a plan to enhance your supply-chain management. The post-pandemic, Digital Marketing will be the game-changer for this sector due to its cost-efficiency and penetration to every computer screen in the world without bothering their privacy.