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How I Discovered My New Side In This COVID-19 Outbreak

Coronavirus has put the most of the world on a pause for a while. Our routines have changed, we miss going out, we starve for our favorite food, and there are just so many things we're missing right now. We can't do anything about it, but what we can do is find new things that bring us contentment.

How I Discovered My New Side In This COVID-19 Outbreak

Sunday June 28, 2020,

4 min Read

Life throws a lot of good and bad things our way. Coronavirus pandemic is one of the bad ones. It has caused human race a kind of harm which will be difficult to overcome in the coming years. There's been emotional harm, physical harm, mental harm, and financial harm as well. This has been a rough year.

While we all are doing our bit to keep ourselves and the ones around us safe by staying home and taking all the precautions, I have discovered a lot of good things that we can do in addition to all these things. The things that will help in our personal and professional development. The things that will bring us good physical and mental well-being. The things that can relieve the emotional distress we're dealing with at the moment. The things that make is better individual.

Today, in this article, I will be discussing about all those things that I discovered about myself and that make me a better individual.

I Love Cooking

I never thought I would love cooking so much. It doesn't mean that I haven't cooked before. I have. I used to come tired from office and cook my dinner, then sleep, and wake up to prepare my breakfast and pack myself a lunch - but I never really enjoyed it. It was like another thing I have to do in order to survive. Now that I have all the time in the world, I discover new recipes on the social media every once in a while, get ingredients from my nearby grocery store, and get in my chef mode. It's amazing when everybody enjoys your food and it's fabulous when you enjoy doing it for the people you love.

Decorating Your Room Is Fun

Back to the days when I was in dorm, I was very stressed out about decorating my dorm room and I remember myself hunting for that perfect "dorm room tapestry" that I used to see in my instagram feed. The fact that I couldn't find my perfect tapestry on nearby stores made me so sad that I dropped the idea of decorating my room until now. I am always finding ways to utilize my free time in this lockdown, so I thought why don't I transform my room into a space I always wanted. Thanks to the Amazon that I got the supplies I needed on my doorstep and revamped my room into a heaven. No kidding, I just love my room so much. Yeah it was hectic, but it was fun since everyone was helping me and we shared a lot of laughter throughout the process.

Parent's Company Is Too Much Fun

We all are little skeptical when it comes to spending time with our parents. We always assume it will be boring since the things about education, career, and marriage always pops up. Who knew they still have a little child soul hidden deep inside. We talk about childhood memories, play badminton, watch TV together, and do a lot of things that are actually fun. I am not sure about you, but I definitely loved spending quality time with my parents.

Reading Books Makes Your Smarter & Wiser

Your idea of intelligence might be different from other people's idea of intelligence but in my belief, books are the best way to add up to this most attractive trait of yours. Books give you a different perspective to life. It teaches you how we keep on passing judgement while we all are same in a different way. We all have our struggles and we all are dealing with something, and we all react differently to different situations. So, we have no right to say that their way of reacting to things is wrong and ours is right. Yes, reading books taught me that. I have become a wiser and smarter person. My vocab has boosted and I have started seeing things more positively.

Meditation Can Actually Fix Your Broken Soul

Now that I have started and experienced the effects of meditation myself, I firmly believe that everybody should start doing this practice. It puts your mind and body at peace and provides a sense of calm. I love how lightheaded I feel after each meditation session and I don't want to come out of that zone. It keeps you sane. It keeps you in position to think clearly and keep yourself and the ones around you happy. That's what I have personally experienced.

I am actually liking this new person I have become. You go and find your spark while you have time.