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WhatsApp will now tell you how many times your message was forwarded

WhatsApp will now tell you how many times your message was forwarded

Saturday March 23, 2019,

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The Facebook-owned messaging service, which has over 1.5 billion daily users, will soon launch a feature to inform how many times a message was forwarded.

First spotted by WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is testing Forwarding Info and Frequently Forwarded feature. Using these features, a user will be able to figure out how many times a message was forwarded.

To view how many times a message was forwarded, a user will have to navigate to Message Info - same place from where one checks if a message was read or no. Also, for those curious to find out how many times a message he or she received was forwarded, they can simply forward the message to a new user and retrieve the details from the message info of the sent forward.

WhatsApp Message Info

WhatsApp Message Info (Image: wabetainfo.com)

Tip: The next time you forward a message (which you were asked not to share with anyone), remember that the original user can keep a tab of it.

Apart from the Forwarding Info feature, WhatsApp has also been working on "Frequently Forward" label. This label would appear in the same format as that of the "Forwarded" label which you see when you get a forward. And if the message was forwarded more than four times, WhatsApp will label the message as "frequently forwarded."

WhatsApp Frequently Forwarded Label (Image: wabetainfo.com)

WhatsApp had rolled the forwarded feature in July, last year, in a response to the Indian government's concerns surrounding fake news. It is aimed at curbing the spread of rumours and malicious propaganda on WhatsApp that has resulted in a spate of mob lynchings across the country.

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