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Business- Working with your Lawyer Effectively

If you are running a business you may need a lawyer to help you with various legal issues from time to time. When you need a lawyer, it is important to know where and how to find one. It is also vital for you to be able to maintain a good working relationship with your lawyer while handling your business matters. Hiring a qualified lawyer offers several benefits, which include giving your business interests and finances legal protection.

Business- Working with your Lawyer Effectively

Tuesday January 24, 2017,

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Your attorney serves as your legal representative who prioritizes your needs within the stipulations of the law. Clients should communicate clearly about what they want their lawyers to do for them. In order for your lawyer to do their job well, they cannot make assumptions or guess what your expectations are.

Phone calls are among the ways that lawyers and their clients can communicate but such calls should be followed up with face to face communication and emails. Emails are useful for summarizing your discussions with your lawyer and provide references for the future.


• Both the client and lawyer have obligations toward each other that they are expected to fulfill. As a client you should cooperate with your lawyer by providing information and documents as soon as your lawyer asks for them.

• Prompt responses and action from you enable your lawyer to work effectively and meet deadlines. Keep your attorney informed about any significant changes within your business that could have legal ramifications.

• When you get in touch with your lawyer, be prepared with the questions that you want to ask. Lawyers often have hectic schedules and sending email and documents in advance will give them more time to review the material.

Schedule Meetings

A lawyer is an advisor that you can trust and rely on for legal help. Although you may want to call them frequently throughout the day, especially when facing a challenging issue, avoid overwhelming your lawyer with unnecessary calls and inquiries.

It is advisable to have regular meetings with an attorney during the early stages of handling your legal issues. Meetings give you the chance to express your concerns to your lawyer and have their undivided attention. Click here for more about trademark.

Resolve Disputes

• If you are unhappy or uncomfortable with any aspect of your lawyer’s approach to your business matters, raise your concerns in a timely manner. Avoid dwelling on issues or allowing them to worsen. You may be disappointed with the lawyer’s lack of communication or vague explanations.

• If you have an issue with billing or any other type of disagreement, make sure you resolve it as soon as you can.

• A lawyer should explain their strategies or why they make certain decisions regarding your issues. The client ultimately decides whether or not they want the lawyer to go ahead with a certain strategy or procedure.

• Clients are usually happy with the relationships that they have with their lawyers. However, if you are not happy with your lawyer or how your situation is being handled, you can consider terminating the relationship and looking for another lawyer for your business.


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