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How to get the best currency exchange rate

Saturday July 15, 2017,

3 min Read

While writing everything in your checklist for your international vacation it is also very important to write, how will you get the best currency exchange in Delhi for your traveller cheque. It is easy for the online foreign exchange companies to say that we will exchange your currency at the earlier rate for your traveler cheque but many companies due to the fluctuation in the exchange rate may increase the amount when they transfer the currency in your account.

Therefore, it is important that you should be completely satisfied and convinced that you are getting your currency in right price for your traveller cheque.

Whether, you are going abroad for your next holiday or looking for international money transfer, getting the best currency rate should always be your priority. Getting the better affordable rate means having more money in your pocket.

While exchanging currency you should also keep in mind that the currency which will be left with you will of no use once you will come from your holidays. Therefore, you also need to check for the best deal after coming from your vacations also.

Currency exchanging tips:

Never exchange your currency at the airports.

Sometimes you will find many companies and brokers told you that they will give commission free deals but let me tell you there is no funda of commission free deal ever existed in the forex market. It’s such that they alter the exchange rate in such a way that they recover the lost commission.

Another advance currency exchanger tips:

1. Avoid purchasing things in advance.

2. Consider wearing a money belt.

3. Properly research about your destination, this will help you to save some money.

4. Try to get a travel card that best suits your need

5. Every time you need money overseas take it from your ATM. Don’t exchange it from exchange counters.

While purchasing properties overseas

You will get a hike in currency rate if you are trying to purchase a property overseas. This is the area where the exchange rate fluctuates beyond our imagination. Therefore, if you are planning to purchase any property overseas except spending a quality time then you really need to make a lot of research for getting the best deal.

It is always good to have an experienced broker if you thinking of some bigger options like purchasing a property for yourself overseas. You can concerned your broker while doing this. As they are specialist in this field they can suggest you the best offer and they also tells you about the pros and cons. Moreover, they act as a mediator between client and foreign exchange company they can provide get you the best currency exchange at an affordable rate.


Therefore, always remain updated about this market by reading blogs and current news about forex exchange and take necessary actions whenever you need a good deal for yourself.