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Why online marketing goes wrong for startups?

Why online marketing goes wrong for startups?

Friday August 11, 2017,

4 min Read


We always hear and read so many quotes about success. Most of them say that success can be achieved just by learning from your mistakes. These are also in the words of those influencers who are currently at the peak of their field. They come out on top by overcoming and learning from their mistakes.

If we talk about startups, well, it goes same with them also. Forbes said that eight out of ten startups fail within the initial 18 months of their tenure. Why? Because they didn’t learn from their mistakes and they paid for it. So, in this article, we’re going to look on the tenets of Online marketing that goes wrong for most of the startups just because they didn’t pay attention to those points.

Let’s begin and see what these points are,

No Consistent Message

Now, there are numerous cases when you search for companies and you did not come to any conclusion about what they really offer and then you need Google the service that company offers. This is because these companies don’t come up with any consistent message.

What exactly happened is this, the entrepreneurs have exclusive knowledge of elevator pitch which they use offline. However, when it comes to online elevator pitches for customers, they have lot less time than offline which makes their knowledge worthless if the timing is not correct. They need to be fast, crisp and spot-on when it comes to online marketing. It is just like, you miss it, I pitch it.

Not Understanding your Target Audience

Just think about this, you’re a single man (All females please go on with this image please.) with no interest in beauty products whatsoever. You got an email feed, informing you about a huge discount going on about some beauty products. Isn’t that amazing! You, with no interest in those kinds of products, magically turn your interest with a small email feed.

These mistakes are of those startups which don’t have any idea about their target audience. Your online campaign could be a blunder if you don’t pay attention to your target audience. You must have done some demographic or socioeconomic analysis of your audience and refine them to be your target audience. “One simply can’t just product to everybody”. You have to fine tune your target by conducting specific market research on your target audience or else, same irrelevant messages will drop and left unseen on thousands of leads.

Broadcasting Instead of Engaging

This happens a lot. Before even starting, we need a perfect plan, a perfect platform, and a perfect execution. Then we read a beautiful quote which said, “Nobody is Perfect”. LOL!!! Now what? These are the major problem when someone starts a business and when asked to launch an online presence. They hesitate to wait for these above foster friends of his.

Online marketing is an opportunity, it is an invitation for you to know your audience and ask their opinions about your products. You can even get on with them by asking for suggestions and then perfecting yourself on the way. This is even more engaging than all your perfecto conundrum.

Not Creating an Effective Website

Now, this is the most common reason why people do not get success as a startup. A poor user interface of their website is one of the major reason. In online marketing, the relevance of a website is majorly concerned. It has a very little time to make an impression that can last forever. If the website didn’t impact the viewer, which visit your website as a lead. He/she will leave the website in just a few seconds and the lead which might become your potential buyer, goes into oblivion forever.

Startup always stops before investing money on website development and that can cost way too much. If you don’t have in-house web development team which is indeed very costly. You can always switch to custom WordPress website development services which can deliver striking websites with decent prices. Give it a thought, it had worked with many startups which are now multi-million companies.

Not Measuring Success

Now, every startup is told that success is not earned overnight and honestly that is the fact as well. I am not saying that these philosophical expressions are bogus. They are practical and quite true. However, that does not mean that you stop evaluating yourself.

In online marketing, you need to evaluate in a certain time to find yourself a new and more innovative ways to extend your reach and ROI (Return on Investment). You must make good use of Google and Social media analytic tools to analyze your online campaign.

So, these are the five ways by which most of the startup’s online marketing goes wrong.

I hope you like my views and all the very best for your startup. Cheers.