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Increased creativity & problem solving at work

Monday July 31, 2017,

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While every Organisation is setting their eyes on reaching the top, every day is a step towards the mission. With increased targets, pressure and deadlines, CXOs often talk about:

• Increasing revenue or lowering costs;

• Enthusiastic and efficient workforce;

• Effective marketing strategies.

And so on.

To achieve all of this, employees are made to attend seminars on various subjects such as Team Building, Motivation, Communication, Conflict Management, People Management and so on. Sure, these Classroom seminars tell people about the respective subject either through a Power Point presentation, Motivational speech or a few games. There is some entertainment and a break from routine. But once the event is over, attendees go back and soon their old attitude comes back. Companies and employees both realise that nothing major shifted for them in those seminars to make a permanent change.

How to bring in long-lasting and effective shift in increasing Creativity


To unleash our creativity, we need to peel our layers of inhibitions, insecurities, fears and discover the seed we once were. This is where experiential ways of Corporate Training enters the arena - Theatre, Improvisation, Meditation, Art, Music and Cinema: Conceived to deliver lasting change to companies through experience.

These Experiential workshops are designed to deliver a deep impact to the participants and the Organizations by means of:

• Role-playing,

• Expressive techniques,

• Relativity to their favourite idols,

• Emotional de-cluttering,

• Spontaneous Improv sessions,

• Creative Theatre activities,

• Modern Meditations,

• Art & Music

Why isn’t this long-lasting shift possible with Classroom Training

We all are born-creative and born-innovative. Please go ahead and observe a kid around you. Isn’t he or she creative, innovative and a problem solver? We don’t need Training to be creative and a problem solver. Rather, we need to untrain or unlearn things which stop us from being creative and innovative. Due to the conditioning of the society we live in, we collect a lot of emotional and mental baggage at all times personally and profesionally such as ‘Your boss did something nasty and we choose not to reciprocate and feel ok about it’ or ‘Your father said something and you choose to ignore’ – What happens to all the emotions we are feeling and not expressing. EXPRESSING IS THE KEY HERE. Yet, how to express, where to express and how much to express is what we keep managing the whole day. Have you ever seen a kid or a infant doing that?

These workshops help them to de-clutter emotionally and mentally in a playful manner and target exactly those parts of an employee’s construct where loosening up is needed. As a consequence, participants are able to:

• Bring in rejuvenation and aliveness;

• Re-aligns linear thinking pattern and brings in out of the box thinking;

• Bring in aliveness and enthusiasm;

• Bring in people skills such as trust, empathy and self-confidence;

• Enhance innovative attitude, creativity and spontaneity;

• Bring in fun while unlearning and so on.

Creative ways of “problem SOLVING” at work

Please focus on two words ‘Problem’ and ‘Solving’ in our heading above. Problem is never big unless we make it like that. Problem is just an issue which might have none, one or more solution.

Most of us have problems and at the same time opportunities sitting in front of us. But, how many of us actually find solutions to those problems and have the courage to grab the opportunity? Thinking and acting as an innovator can help you grab that opportunity, climb the ladder and showcase your strengths which you have been under playing. Improvisation helps you to re-align your linear thinking pattern to a great extent. We live our lives in a linear way – From morning to night our schedules are somewhat similar. This pattern needs to be re-aligned and brain nerves need to be introduced to the new nerves so that newness, freshness and rejuvenation steps in. All this is quite possible with the help of Experiential workshops.

Staying curious keeps your mind engaged and alive. It’s time to relive that young childish inquisitiveness about everything around you. While reading Mr. PiyushPandey’s book called Pandemonium, I have realised one thing, he wouldn’t have been able to create the magic if he didn’t ask questions to the people who passed by in his life at every stage, be it a carpenter or a cobbler. He wouldn’t have built brands such as Pidilite or Asian Paints without innovative story telling.

There is no such thing as becoming creative or innovative on the spot, out of the blue. Most people would be baffled if you ask them to do something on the spot – even actors. Innovation & Creativity starts with YOU!

Experiential & Innovative Way of excelling at your Workplace

As a powerful tool for development and change, Theatre, Meditation and Improvisation gives employees an opportunity to participate in various exercises that helps them to:

• Solve issues with innovation and new ideas in their respective work;

• Discover their motivated and happier self and carry it forward in their work and attitude - No one can teach us to be motivated and happy, that’s our very nature;

• Be creatively efficient – This is the by-product of innovation, it will happen;

• Bring in awareness and aliveness in their attitude and being;

• Get aligned with their work and Organization’s vision;

• Get emotionally connected to people (home or work) easily and genuinely;

• Learn creative ways to take decisions;

• Use Theatrical ways to express yourself;

• Bring in harmony & oneness at the workplace.

EMPLOYEE’S CONSCIOUSNESS IS ORGANIZATION’S GROWTH and it’s the need of the hour to bring in this shift. We need to bring a major shift in our corporate culture and use innovative and effective techniques and sessions so that growth can take place in the real sense of the word. Change through the four-pronged process of Theatre, Improvisation, Meditation and Cinema (TIMC) is now imperative.