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Secret Weapons of mobile app designers... Revealed!!

Mobile app designing is not an easy thing. Everyone use their own weapons to make it better. Take a look at the secret weapons used by veteran mobile app designers.

Thursday April 27, 2017,

4 min Read

Designing is a crucial element of a mobile application. An effective design creates the first impression in front of the users and eventually keeps them glued to the website.

When a user sees a design adoring some application, he doesn't know about the efforts and the entire process it involves. However, a designer can count it even in his dreams. You just need to wake him and there he goes:

1- Idea

2- Spec

3- Wireframe

4- Prototype

5- Visual Design

6- Development

The first thought that runs across brain is "easy six step process"; however, things are quite different. To simplify these steps and to make it worth all the time and money, he uses some ‘secret weapons'.

The list of these weapons is now with us; Let us discover which tools these professional designers use to make their work stand apart from the queue:

Kubist : Giving you wings to fly with the polygon trend this tool is quite easy to use. Its settings enable you to come with completely abstract, but recognizable stylish design.

Color Zilla : It is an add-on that assists the designers to flawlessly finish the color related tasks. It can be used as per your capabilities and the task's requirement; beginner and advanced.

Muzli Design : If you are facing ‘designers block' and need some inspiration for your coming assignment; don't worry. has numerous design inspirations for you. Simply visit them and scroll through the ‘n' number of available designs till you find yourself boost-up.

Behance : It is another platform offering much help to the designers. You can find series of options to learn more about your creative task. 

Dribble : In this community, you can find people like you featuring small screenshots of their works, current projects, and even those which are in process. So get yourself alongside the people of your kind and create the most creative you.

Flaticon : Loaded with free icons available in PNG, SVG, EPS, PSD and BASE 64 formats, this is the largest database being offered. You have all the rights to surf through 4198 packs having over 246,840 vector icons.

COLOUR lovers : The best example to show the big heart of creative people. Don't you get me? Wait!! Here you can find people from all around the world sharing their palettes and patterns and also discussing the latest trends in the industry.

The philosophy that makes distinct

These were the seven top tools that designers of top mobile app development companies use in order to give birth to a beautiful design that takes your mobile application concept a mile ahead. 

The top designers not only hide this from you, but they do have few more secrets concealed behind the creative junctions. Let us find them:

The design is beyond Photoshop, it's a Psychology : Yes a designer first finishes his homework and then begins the designing element. As part of their homework, they learn the latest trends, consumer behavior, and their psychology in order to crack the perfect design.

No compromise with branding : A professional designer has the ‘BRANDING' factor continuously rolling at the back side of his brain. Every element getting included in his design, he ensures that the branding doesn't get compromised by any means. Undoubtedly this is what makes them a ‘successful professional app designer'.

Being entire unique isn't the key : If you have the desire to pour all your creativity at every project that comes around, and subsequently finding something that's totally unique; you are going the wrong direction. Yes, you should be unique but don't get too far from the need of time, you might end up confusing your application users.


These were the top three secrets that designers usually hide from people. However, now that you have the secret tools and the ways to be more creative, do not delay further. Pull up your sleeves and sit in front of the system to design the best mobile application today.

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