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Are these features key to ensuring a rich user experience for location-based apps?

Innovative features which improve the way Geolocation based mobile applications can communicate with the customer!

Are these features key to ensuring a rich user experience for location-based apps?

Wednesday April 18, 2018,

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Geolocation has become a driving force for businesses and an integral part of user engagement today. It is no longer restricted to navigating from place A to place B and app developers are constantly innovating ways to make use of the technology. With the App marketplace getting more and more competitive it has thus become crucial to provide a unique experience. I take a deep-dive into how app developers and business owners can take the user experience to a new-level using location-based features

Curated content

As multimedia content in the form of text, pictures and videos become freely available, searching for relatability needle in the stack of hay will become a priority for the user. Letting users curate the content they want to see can increase the attention span and is thus an important part of Location Based App Development. Letting users filter out the information they want to know powered by Geolocation features is the future!

On the spot push notifications

Push notifications are the gateway to personalized experiences through native mobile applications. Geolocation tech is evolving which has led to a lot of innovative ways to use B2C app features like push notifications. 


A good Location-Based App Development in New Jersey can help businesses push alerts which are specific to certain locations in the city. Users today want to know where they can get good deals on restaurants if a place they want to visit has a wheelchair access etc.

Geolocation intelligence & open data

For business owners, there are a plethora of opportunities waiting to be explored and used for better understanding of users and customers. From knowing what alerts work better in what region to what are the preferences of the users, business owners can take a deeper dive into analytics. Businesses like real estate can evaluate newer opportunities through the demand and Geolocation-based native applications.

New age in-store navigation

Shopping malls and large brick and mortar shops are often confusing for people who aren’t frequent visitors. With the help of features such as in-store navigation, users can know where to go for a particular product they are looking for. Through location-based technology, the businesses can offer a unique feature that enriches the customer’s buying experience and takes it to a new level.

A key footnote to the above features is to highlight how important User Interface is to location-based mobile applications. Apps such as Uber, Yelp, and Google Maps are opened when the user has an urgency for the service. Thus, focusing on a smooth UI will ensure a high-quality user experience.