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Whats the point of it all?

Moments often arise when you will end up feeling like everything seems a bit pointless and that nothing really matters. You won't want to wake up and get going. Well, you're not alone. 

Whats the point of it all?

Sunday March 11, 2018,

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I have met a lot of millenials who think they are chronically depressed, and have no idea why. 

I have met a lot of millenials who think they are chronically depressed, and have no idea why. 

In the past few years, i have met a lot of millenials believe they are chronically depressed, and have no idea why. After really giving it some thought i realized that there is a deep rooted issue with why this is happening so much today and what can we do to actually change this a little bit. 

Relative conditioning

The interconnectedness of the world has exposed us to people who are achieving great things, so our standards of "success" have changed drastically. Nothing really feels like winning when people younger or your age are doing such great things. We have found a way to undervalue any growth parameters because of the relative understanding of success. Everyone is fighting for a place in 30 under 30, but only 30 get there, and the other millions feel the need to punish themselves for not having "what it takes".


Unfortunately, there is a whole new standard of validation. We want to be known, appreciated and acknowledged by more people that we ever did. 10 likes is just not enough anymore. Our brain craves the dopamine levels that come from a set standard of social validation. Too many people go through the day feeling low purely because they do not feel loved or acknowledged because there is lack of the "like dosage". 

Goals over milestones

Millenials have become really good at creating goals, some achievable, some farsighted. In the pursuit of the "ultimate goal", too many people spend way too much time feeling nothing for long periods of time, purely because everything takes time. The time between the struggle and the end goal, people end up feeling a very flatlined by the lack of ups and downs. The monotony ends up making it difficult to wake up every morning. If only we created milestones that were achievable and then actually celebrate those visible milestones, the increased moments of joy and self validation can do wonders for our brain. 

Self pity

There seems to be a sense of entitlement that comes from pop culture and media. We end up feeling bad for ourselves. "I need a break!", "I deserve this!", "I need the rest.", "I have been working too hard!". These mind statements begin to make us delve in self pity and eventually a slump. The ones that never pity themselves and push themselves over their own limits are the ones that win. 

The illusion of stress

It is easy to feel stressed when you want to feel stressed. Some of the most brilliant minds deal with stress that could break most people. Millenials have the word stress in every sentence, which actually ends up stressing them out because there is no existence of positive reinforcement. We live a stressed life because its "cool" to be stressed today. 

Vitamin D

Too many people do not know this, but the lack of vitamin D can make you feel like you're depressed. Most of us spend too much time indoors and actually have very little access to the sun, this has affected a lot of us in ways we cannot imagine. 


Years of piling of toxins that do not have an exit from our bodies makes our minds work with a filter of a stressed mind. A little exercise everyday can make you feel much better through the day, purely because you've given your toxins an out. Too much work and nothing for the "self" becomes the problem. Exercise could just be the little bit you do for yourself. 

Bad Company

The feeling of depression and complaining is contagious. Spending time with people who are constantly complaining about their situation instead of people who are overcoming their situation and doing something about it could be a reason for feeling that way. 

"Life is full of reasons to beat yourself down, but you only need one reason to pick yourself up and make an impact. Find it."