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5 strong reasons to chase that ultimate dream and leave a legacy

Most of you have spent majority of their time figuring out what you want to do with your lives and others are still struggling to find the answer.

5 strong reasons to chase that ultimate dream and leave a legacy

Wednesday February 07, 2018,

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Photo by Austin Neill on Unsplash

Photo by Austin Neill on Unsplash

I used to chase too many dreams but I ran towards none. I got frustrated. No focus, no energy, no inspiration from within. Being an avid reader, when I studied lives of great people, all of them were having one thing in common. They only followed one path in life. They chased their ultimate dream. And they succeeded. You might be wondering what "that ultimate dream" means. Imagine yourself working on a project you can't go sleep without thinking for a minute. You eat, sleep, walk and talk about that work all day. You are worried less about making money and more about making an impact. Your life is incomplete without that work. In other words, you think that the only way to do something great with your life is to do that work. Nothing else matters.This is what "that ultimate dream" is all about.

But as usual, family, lack of money, lack of skills, less time and all these excuses do come in our way. And we might realize that dream when we get involved in a car accident that life is too short not to chase your dreams.But not everyone gets hit by a car or gets diagnosed with cancer as shown in movies.Hence, you need to remember other strong reasons to chase our ultimate dream.

You have lived half of your life

Let's get real. You are reading this article because there is a dream inside you. Otherwise, why would you read it?

Majority readers of this articles will be past 25. Let's assume you are already 30 or are approaching 30. That way, you have already lived half of your life. And in past 30 years, most of you have spent the majority of time figuring out what you want to do with your lives and others are still struggling to find the answer. So you have only half of your life remaining to fulfill your ultimate dream.Think you have too much time?

For all the time you have wasted today and will be wasting in coming years, others are working hard and chasing their ultimate dream. And if you keep delaying working on your dream, you won't be surprised if someday, someone else will be making a huge business out of an idea you had but you never worked on it.

No one will appreciate if you play small

Have you ever appreciated a mediocre or average person? It never happens. The world always rewards risk takers. And as we all love appreciation, do you think playing small in life will benefit the world in any way? Everyone goes to work, earns, eats, sleeps and enjoys. But what are you doing that is making a bigger impact in this world? The answer to this will be found in working towards your ultimate dream.

It's the only thing that gives you complete satisfaction

I tried almost everything in your life to be happy.I ate, drunk, traveled, had some great moments with friends, bought nice clothes, got married, bought a home, changed jobs, tried many businesses and many more.But none gave me ultimate feeling of satisfaction than working for that ultimate dream I am born to complete.

This happens because humans purpose driven.Whatever makes us work for something we truly believe in makes us happy.

It keeps you young

Let's admit it. Most people are breathing till 75. They were dead at 25.People stop learning when they complete the academics. In fact, your real learning begins the day you leave college and enter the real world. But how do you get motivated to learn?

By chasing your ultimate dream. In order to fulfill that dream, you have to learn. You have to learn from books, videos, events, podcasts, mentors and by teaching others. And that learning attitude keeps you young not only physically but mentally too.

Leaving a legacy is a better thing to do

I am greatly inspired by the Robin Sharma bestseller, "Who will cry when you die?".When we were born, we cried and the whole world rejoiced. The author describes lessons each of us needs to apply at the end that when we leave this world, this whole world cried and we smile.There is no point in coming to this world and just leaving with only a few people remembering your name.

 Imagine you worked on an idea your whole life and when you left, it still kept helping millions of people even after you left. The world is a beautiful place and is full of resources to help you conquer your ultimate dream. You cannot ignore what you are destined to do. Chase your ultimate dream. Let's make it happen.