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Looking for guidance to crack SNAP? Read it here!

Looking for guidance to crack SNAP? Read it here!

Thursday August 24, 2017,

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One of the most widely recognized MBA entrance tests in India, SNAP 2017, is a few months away. We are here to answer some of the biggest queries in your mind regarding the examination – also known as the gateway test to an MBA in Symbiosis. Read on to know more!

Simplified Online Registrations

Registering for the SNAP test is more than simple this year with a very streamlined and simplified online registration process. This allows you to comfortably and smoothly register for the Symbiosis entrance exam. If you plan on giving this exam, we recommend that you register your name at www.snaptest.org right away!

Convenient Online Test

This year, the SNAP test would be entirely held online. Due to this, students would be free of the pressures of the pen-and-paper mode of testing. As a result, the test experience would be smooth, simple and an experience that is on par with all the other top league MBA entrance exams across the country.

102 Test Cities Across India

The SNAP test can be taken across 102 test cities this year. The list includes cities from all major states across India making it convenient for everyone to appear for the examination at a venue near them. The complete list of cities can be found here: www.snaptest.org/test-cities.html

Entrance to 15 Major Institutes

Wouldn’t you love it if you could take a single entrance test to get admission to multiple top-ranked institutes? If you do, you’d do well to know that the SNAP test is your single-point gateway to 23 postgraduate programmes at 15 leading management institutes. The complete list of institutions may be found at: http://bit.ly/SymbiosisInstitutes

We hope this review proved useful in giving you a better perspective of this year’s SNAP examination - the one route towards getting yourself a Symbiosis MBA degree. We wish you the very best for the test!