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Simple start-ups: 4 ideas for building a new company on an old idea

One of the hardest things a business person has to do is come up with a new idea. Well, you do not have to beat your brains out to come up with something. You can simply consider what is already working. The following are four start up ideas using old and established ideas. 

Simple start-ups: 4 ideas for building a new company on an old idea

Monday August 14, 2017,

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Shopping Spree

Everyone shops, but that does not mean everyone has time to do it. There a number of companies out there delivering food, but they do so at a fee. It might not be such a bad idea to capitalize on this need and shop for those who do not have time. All you need is a shopping list and a vehicle to deliver what your customers need. You can start small and see where this leads.


Truck Share

Purchasing or renting a truck is not easy. Both require a significant amount of capital, and this makes it hard for any new business person. This is one reason you should consider coming up with a business that helps partner up truckers in need with those who have trucks. You can help them reduce the amount of capital needed to use a truck since each partner shares the costs.

Moving Service

Moving is not a simple task, especially if you are of a certain age, have a lot of kids, or simply do not have the time. Fortunately, there are moving companies out there like Rodbev Removals and similar businesses that can make your life much easier. Not only can a moving service move boxes out of the house for you, but they will even pack up your items and unpack them when they get to your new home. The amount of time and energy that you save is well worth the cost.

Rent it All

Buying is not always easy or necessary if you are only going to use what you want for a moment. For example, those who want to kayak but only care do it once should not be forced to buy the boat. Why not create a business that allows renters to rent from local businesses or people. You can rent out things like boats or even cameras as long as you insure each of these things. Try to stick to items that are not always used, which means the owner can go without it for a bit and make some extra cash.

These are just some ideas that could help you start a business without really coming up with a whole new idea. Using online tools like phone applications should make some of these ideas pretty easy, so go out there and be daring.

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