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Easy Troubleshooting Steps For General TV Problems

What if you had a long and tiring day and you look forward to switching On to some interesting documentaries or some entertainments and you find some issue with the TV. Basic ones, too, can be annoying.

Easy Troubleshooting Steps For General TV Problems

Friday September 06, 2019,

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Therefore, you must know the procedures by which you can treat those basic and general problems quickly.

For that, you must know what issues can be recurring and appear before you. Only then can you troubleshoot them with convenience.

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However, in case you encounter some problem, you must refer to a trustworthy TV Repair service agency.

Now, make sure to learn the essential troubleshooting procedures for each problem on your television.

The General TV Problems and their Quick Solutions

Every television set, regardless of the popularity of their respective brands, is vulnerable to malfunctions.

Now, the range of complexity of the issues depends. Some can be really easy to troubleshoot while others can be intimidating, to an extent.

Whatsoever is the case, make sure to keep reading and implement the steps when in need. Note them down, or you might as well just bookmark this!

1. Black, Green or Blue Screen on TV

At times, the television displays a blue, green or black screen to which the users become confused. And, the fact that they cannot get any option on the screen to work with makes them even more perplexed and annoyed as well.

However, when such a situation is at sight, it means that the TV is constantly failing to receive signals. So, you must make sure if the satellite box or the cable is plugged and powered On.

Furthermore, you must also ensure if the television is set to the appropriate input. Just press Source, Input or Video/TV.

Go behind and inspect if all the cables and cords sit properly in their sockets or outlets. Make sure not a single one of them is loose.

In case you want to watch Live TV, you should contact the satellite or the cable box provider. Resetting the receiver is necessary. In case it is a DVD player, the issue may lie with the player itself.

Furthermore, the video cable can probably be damaged. So, make sure to look out for that as well.

2. Remote Works but Cable or Satellite Box doesn’t

No, hitting the cable box just so it works isn’t rational at all. Now, that may work, but you will have to change the remote eventually. You cannot escape that. So, why not now?

The problem may lie somewhere else. At times, the connection is totally loose. However, in case the cable box is not communicating with your TV, make an attempt to turn the satellite box Off.

Unplug the cords and the cables from the box. Wait for a minute or two and let the cable drain out the residual energy. After that, plug into the television’s cable box. Next, turn in back on and check if everything is ok.

Most probably, the problem goes away and refrains from coming back.

3. Anarchy in the Television Settings

In simple words, this means that the settings are in a messy state. Now, this can happen if a toddler, during some point of the day, had access to the remote and he or she had some plans to learn some technology.

So, you’d have to fix it all up and reverse those settings to either default or whatever you set last.

Now, the quickest way to change everything is if you resort to the factory settings. Also, it depends on the television models. For that, you must visit the manufacturer’s website just for the instructions.

However, it generally requires pressing a particular combination of keys which are present on the remote.

So, make sure to do it right.

4. Grainy Images

The images and the videos on the TV screen appear grainy, at times. Now, this is the sole reason for the incompatibility of the content with the sharpness setting.

Actually, it indicates that the sharpness control is set too high for the video that you are viewing. However, you must, undoubtedly, turn the sharpness down and make it zero.

Keeping the sharpness nil is necessary since that is the root of all problems related to the TV images.

However, you can also turn to the expert help of TV Repair services from reliable sources in case the problems linger still.

5. No 4K, Neither HD

If the 4K feature, in your TV, makes the images appear too colorful and bright, it is in Vivid mode, clearly.

You can change the setting by switching to the mode of Cinema or Movie.

There is another problem as well. The AV receiver must be HDMI 2.0a. And, if it doesn’t, the television you own, clearly, does not support 4K.

At times, it is simply disabled. So, just head to the settings and correct it.

6. Squashed, Cropped or Stretched Images

The aspect ratio appears different and the images on-screen appear, either cropped or annoyingly stretched or even squashed.

Now, the solution to this is to go to the Settings. And then, select the setting which fits the images on the screen perfectly by default.

In case you are using a DVD player or even an old game system, make sure to set the aspect ratio to 4:3. Or else, the TV, by default, will stretch it to make it 16:9.

Wrapping Up

So, these were the typical problems which every television can manifest. Follow each and implement them with caution.

However, if nothing works, you are free to consult a professional agency that renders thorough TV Repair services.

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