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.IN Domain Names, a little history and the future

What you need to know about .IN domain names and how your business will be impacted

.IN Domain Names, a little history and the future

Monday May 29, 2017,

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.IN symbolizes you are an India based company like .co.uk , .de, .ca, .cn does for UK, Germany , Canada and China. Since its introduction in 2005, .IN domain names have slowly grown in popularity in India and among domain investors worldwide (yes its owned in more than a 100 countries other than India). There are currently around 2 million .in domains registered and some of the most popular .in websites are Google.co.in and Amazon.in for example. 

Why does a .in domain extension matter for companies in India, well for example, if someone is searching for a local product or service, what better way to show you are right there than having a .in domain in your website address. That is a significant advantage over .com or any other domain extension. True, .com is the most popular extension in the world, but considering over 130 million .coms are registered already, the chances of you finding a great memorable domain name for your business is very difficult. Also, remember, companies such as Johnson & Johnson (owns over 40,000 domains), Proctor and Gamble (1000's of domains), University of California (over 2000 domains) and many more large organizations use multiple domain names for their enterprises. What they do is use Keyword or Acronym domains for lead generation or targetting, these are generic domains that describe a product or service and in most cases are what we call category killer domains. These domains define categories of products and are memorable for consumers - such as Cars , Business , Hotels and so forth. 

Think about your options of finding or buying such keyword domains for your India business, the chances you will be able to acquire them are nill, considering these premium words or acronyms are owned by large corporations who are not looking to sell. This is where .IN and .CO.IN domains are a great option for businesses focused on India. Do a search on Google.co.in and you will find many businesses already using for example Hotel.co.in in their domain name (web address). 

Domain name aftermarket in India is still in its early stages and what we have seen with .com since late 90s , the growth in aftermarket prices is yet to come. There are many ways to get your .IN domains in the aftermarket, you can approach the current owner directly , use the Whois information on the domain to reach out to the owner or you could find many domains listed on Sedo.com , which is a company specializing in domain aftermarket. Sedo is also currently leading the efforts in educating Indian consumers on the benefits of such premium domains. They have a .IN auction currently slated for June 6 - June 13 , visit http://www.Sedo.com for more information . Great opportunity to acquire some of valuable domains . 

Remember, domain names are like valuable real estate and in most cases there are only a few great options for you to build your business on , hence its makes it a once in a lifetime opportunity. The future of .IN domain names is tied to the future of Indian eCommerce growth and growth of Broadband Internet, which we know is on the way up. Visit http://www.DNProperty.com for articles on .IN domain names.