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Mind your mind - critical for success in changing times

Human stress and depression must be the least with advancements in Artificial Intelligence and IOT outburst. It’s far-reaching capability can connect humans, things, evolving machines and processes and arrive at intelligent solutions; thereby de-stressing our minds. But, stress and depression levels have been increasing alarmingly among all ages in the present world. Many studies substantiate this and it is terrifying to know that it will snowball in the coming years.

Mind your mind - critical for success in changing times

Monday July 02, 2018,

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Happy Mind, Happy Moments, Happy Life!! Anonymous

Today, Generation-X to the Millennial, is captivated by a cluttered mindset, enslaving themselves to the virtual world with no moments to cherish but to just win the race. This paper will create “happy & healthy minds” through transformation from a cluttered mindset to a highly composed and progressive mindset. It helps to overcome stress and depression through mindful decisions, by applying practical and simple changes in our thought-process mechanism and will create wholesomeness.

This paper will benefit all people, who consciously want to weigh their mindset and transform their lives, and bring in wholesomeness. It will help bring in a gigantic positive environment as more and more people start to embrace it, resulting in rational decisions and creating a harmonized sphere which is critical for success in today’s changing world.


Life is filled with moments which translates into favorable and unfavorable situations. We love the pleasant ones to linger and the hurtful ones to disappear into thin air, though, many a times, it’s the painful situations that teach our minds a world of things and transform us. Every moment matters, as we embrace it with positive or negative emotions that can make or break us.

The following statistics clearly states the Physical, Mental, Psychological Pressure, Stress and Depression we are in the present day.

In 2015, the WHO estimated 322 million people were living with depression, making it the leading cause of ill health and disability worldwide.

Data shows that stress levels in the workplace are rising with 6 in 10 workers in major global economies experiencing increased workplace stress. – The Regus Group

Close to 800,000 people die due to suicide every year. Suicide is the second leading cause of death in 15-29-year-olds. http://www.who.int/mental_health/prevention/suicide/suicideprevent/en/

Combined, employee depression, stress and anxiety accounted for 55.2 percent of all emotional health cases in 2012 compared to 82.6 percent in 2014.

http://www.workplaceoptions.com/polls/analysis-of-global-eap-data-reveals-huge-rise-in-depression-stress-and-anxiety-over-past-three-years/ (Dec 16, 2015)

Analysis of Global EAP Data Reveals Huge Rise in Depression, Stress, and Anxiety Over Past Three Years



There is absolutely no doubt that healthy competition can build up our confidence and make great contributions; technology advancements can improve our lifestyles and is a big boost for a progressive society and mankind. But, remember, all inventions and actions can be good only if they are put to good use and not abused. The fact is, it is being overly abused and it outweighs the goodness. Hence, an urgent need to know what we have become to what we want to be. The commotion we are experiencing across the length and breadth of this planet needs a positive outlook.

Getting back to basics:

How stress and depression invades us.

By birth we are all winners!! We fought for our birth with million other sperm cells. The fight starts right there, continues with our intro on this planet and as we grow. As we are vaccinated to protect our body from various diseases, build immunity and be strong, parents start vaccinating our minds to get stronger, compete with one another and become a winner. From Montessori to higher classes, we are given additional coaching, extra advises, and forever comparison with others in academics and aptitudes. The overloaded student needs to score high in academics despite distraction from modern gadgets. The expectation from the parents is usually an “outstanding” immaterial of something called “my ability, capability, brain power” and only “numbers” matter to them. The child’s creativity and interests takes a back seat, to meet the parent’s aspirations. Parents overprotect them materialistically but fail to give them their precious time and inculcate good behaviors like inclusiveness, sharing, caring, fairness and the overall well-being of the human community and nature.

By the time, we reach our higher studies, competition is engraved and is part of part and parcel of our presence. The specialization is usually on a subject closer to the parent’s hearts. Like it or not, you should be in the race and win the race. It’s a feeling of a pressure cooker all the time, till we land on a plump job which again may or may not be our passion.


The race does not stop but activates another chapter in our life, to continuously prove our self-worth, pushing beyond our competency, facing the constraints, politics, targets and the changing dynamics of the society. The mind is enslaved and conditioned to achieve goals not for the love of it, but for the incentives attached to it and the urge to climb the career ladder quickly. Failure is considered as ultimate dishonor. Luxury becomes a necessity and it drives towards a point of more is less and that becomes a self-created new normal. Accepting anything lesser than the new normal becomes abnormal and gets one stressed and depressed and lands in imbalanced situations. This monotonous exercise for many, stops at 60 but for some till they perish from this planet. The equation is to become highly successful early and have a super duper retired life but as success clings, the retirement gets pushed farther and farther, making one work harder and harder all their life. The successes are not even enjoyed, as we are already embarking on the next feat.

Healthy competition is on the decline. With the changing times, it has also changed adversely. Fierce competition creates negativity in turn leading to anxiety, stress and depression. It also builds rivalry, negative addictions, stooping to extremely destructive methods and self-immolation.

How technology is adding fuel to the competitive mindset

The internet boom and technology advancements blessed with digitization, ultra tech gadgets and social networking has made us a remote-control device controlled by the virtual world. We have completely got carried away by the humongous information access and fabricated atmosphere. Emotions have become emoticons and all feelings are expressed ‘only’ virtually. There are many instances of social disturbances and hatred, as the literate remain indoors and offenders fright the ecosystem openly on the field. We watch them helplessly and do all the advices on FB, Twitter & WhatsApp. It has touched a peak, where its hoodwinking people of sensitivity and trust, but forcing us to be a part of it, without which even our existence is unnoticed, thus making us mechanized humans.


How do we transform from the present mind-set to a constructive one? What are some of the mechanisms for this transformation which can be practically applied to live with constraints without any abuse of mind or machines.

*Self-realization: A good plan by itself will solve half the problem and only the other half needs to be solved. This applies to our minds too. A clear mind will focus on the present moment, be passionate and will not get biased. Self-realization is consciously being unbiased leading to mindful decisions. It leads to constructive approach, meaningful discussions, and practical resolutions.

*Ego is a destructive element which can easily spoil relationships and can create havocs in life. It’s your head voice coming against your mindful decisions. It has led to isolation of family, friends, colleagues, collapse of many companies, major societal issues, political turmoil and prejudice. It is the biggest enemy of mankind. The best way to attack ego is to condition our mind to be humble, accept change, not fear failures, not get defensive, deal achievements with gracefulness and acceptance of truth. Cut down your stubbornness, be open to others point of view, see the good in everything and ignore the bad. It is your responsibility to imbibe the same in your kids. Simplicity is the best weapon to kill ego.

*Family plays a major role in our lives and its support is indispensable. However, often, family is taken for granted and ignored. Respecting the family will buy in more support for your efforts, as they understand your constraints and appreciate your decisions. It will embolden you to take risks for a positive change. Needless to mention, most of the successful people have contributed their success to their family’s support. Apart from family, we have well-wishers, who are truly happy for our successes and sad for our losses. It is equally important to back them and support them at troubled times. Children observe the elders all the time, without our knowledge and any positive quality we show slowly gets imbibed in them.

*De-clutter your mind and be mindful of not letting your energy drain out for wrong reasons. There are many studies on de-cluttering and its usefulness. It’s an effective means to keep our mind free and be in the present. It differentiates between things and people and does not allow negative thoughts to linger longer. It will keep the mind free and attract new ideas.

Along with minds, de-cluttering of our surroundings and material possessions help in achieving a state of ‘less is more’ and an attitude of “giving away”. People in Japan follow clutter-free living to a major extend and possess minimum things both at home as well in their surroundings.

*Knowledge aids confidence, to take concrete decisions. It helps to overcome fear, doubts, negativity and react to situations. One needs to have passionate and have complete understanding of the subject matter to be unbiased and take mindful action. It will make people trust your decisions and confide in you. It also helps in knowing our capabilities and not feed the ego by venturing on things that can prove distasteful. It’s like measuring the success of an elephant by its climbing capacity. Time and again, refreshing the knowledge by visualizing the progression in the relevant subject-matters keeps one sophisticated and practical.

*Competition is a necessary and keeps the morale high; and the best person to compete with is yourself. The knowledge you have on the products and services you offer takes the burden of competition to a major extend. The classic example is today’s IT Industry in India in the aftermath of digitization. There is a major shift and a re-orientation of the skillset and it’s a struggling phase for many. However, it does not mean the downfall but an adjustment in this industry lifecycle. A de-cluttered and a knowledgeable mindset will be able to balance the pluses and minuses, accept changes, upgrade the required skills and move on.

*Do not expect gratitude but have gratitude. It’s a powerful way to become your own motivational booster. This quality appreciates our strengths, do things with great passion and does not wait for any flattery. The results are highly satisfying as you are more calm, focused and balanced. Distractions will not have any influence on you, as you are not biased.

*Take responsibility for our actions, be it good or bad. It will help the mind to not only take credit for the good ones, but also own the bad ones and not blame it on others. It will help in overcoming the mistakes and turning them into successes. It makes you practical, accept changes, work with passion, enjoy every little achievement, and look forward to the future with an open-mind.

*Care for a friendly environment and society. The extension of ones’ family is the society. The eco- friendly mind will make you be a responsible human being that can bring a positive change to the contaminated environment in our own little ways. It’s a great way to build comradeship with others.

*A wholesome life. An un-cluttered mind which is mindful of the present, by letting go the ego and taking responsibility for its actions will lead us to a wholesome life filled with gratitude. It will get passed on to our kids and the next generations if each of us consciously mind our mind!!


Mind your Mind will channelize your mind in the right direction. It will refine your thinking process and accept life and live it cheerfully despite all hurdles. Your happiness index will no more be dependent on your material possessions or ego. Personal satisfaction levels would reach its high as you practice inclusivity and become a person whom others can look up to. Fear of failure and acceptance of uncertainties will not be a big deal. Inconvenience and sufferings along the way, will not have any impact on your mind, as it is irrefutably in control. It will help people to embrace goodness and discourage negativity.

This paper’s ultimate attempt is to take control of your mind than it being remote controlled by the world and material success. As every one-person change, it will lead to a better society and a better world!!


The source is mentioned along with the data.