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Ecommerce SEO: 5 Simple Techniques You Must Know

So, just ranking on Google’s first page is not just enough, you should earn #1 spot. You should hold the skill to rule SERPs if you are intended to attain your objectives.

Ecommerce SEO: 5 Simple Techniques You Must Know

Wednesday September 04, 2019,

6 min Read

Today, we have come up with 5 simple e-commerce techniques that will give you the important relevant learning. So, just get started without wasting time:

1. Keyword Research

Whenever someone makes a search on Google, it showcases related results from various possible pages. Generally, top results get the click by the users. So, just ranking on Google’s first page is not just enough, you should earn #1 spot. You should hold the skill to rule SERPs if you are intended to attain your objectives. 

Firstly, it’s important to know your brand and customer before performing keyword research. Small phrases, keywords define the web page’s content. You may go for hiring the best e-commerce SEO services offering company to search for the best keywords and the work all around them to attract sales and traffic. That company will assist you with your search for the appropriate keywords for your online store based on the search volume and relevancy. 

Pick the long-tail keywords. These are the unique phrases that are mostly searched by users to get things online. These keywords match the exact search and are possible to convert. 

Prepare a list of the important products and category pages. Pick 3-5 main keywords for all the category and product based on the high search volume. Embrace some of the keywords with the brand name and also the keywords having low or medium competition. Employ all these keywords to make your brand authority through content marketing, SEO, and social media marketing. 

2. Competitor Analysis

Performing analysis of an SEO competitor analysis can assist you to get what is better and what not in your industry. Check out your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses and the way to prioritize the SEO works to get a better outcome at a faster pace. 

After you are done with complete keyword research and finalized the keywords as per your choice that can be better ahead, you can then employ them to find your competitors, who are they. For the same analysis, an e-commerce marketing industry uses Ahref tool to check out the competitors of your brand all across various categories. 

This tool will make you know the domain rating of your competitors, the referring domains, the keywords ranking at the top pages, and organic search traffic. 

Now, it’s time to analyze the tactics of on-page SEO employed by your competitors. This will offer you with the most valuable information that is important for your SEO efforts. 

Put special attention on the meta titles and descriptions that are employed for the products. Analyze their content on the blog and the way they used the keywords for the promotion of their products and also for engaging their customers. 

With the Ahref tool, you can even expose their backlinks. You may use those links in your approach for link building to create your brand authority. 

3. On-Page SEO

For the e-commerce store, there exists four on-page factors namely, URLs, meta description, schema markup, and product description. Let’s now peep into each and get them better.

To write the meta titles, some of the online stores prefer a template strategy but they don’t seem to be enticing. Well, we know that writing each meta title is quite difficult when it comes to ten to thousand and more pages. 

Some of the best agency for e-commerce marketing suggest creating a unique template for all the product categories and subcategories. Give the chance to your priority keywords in the meta title and try adding the long-tail keywords in some of the products. Remember to cover your unique points of selling like Free Return, Free Shipping, and more. Add action and creative words to enhance the click-through rate. 

Be sure that the URL of your page as clear as possible it can be. You may pick our suggested format: 


Take in your primary keyword and to separate the names, use only the hyphens. Be sure that the hierarchy is as clear as an idea above. 

You are also required to append the unique descriptions to all the product pages. The product description is employed by Google to get what the page is talking about. Again, in the descriptions, use the product description. It should be short and readable. Convey the important things to the readers about the products which force them to purchase it. 

With the schema markup, the product pages enhance CTR by 30%. On a single page, we can markup various products or one product on each page. This is the technical thing and you will need the assistance of a professional industry specializing among the top e-commerce SEO service providers. They can offer you the codes and append them to the pages of products. 

4. Technical SEO

Technical SEO is much important character which guides the traffic towards your website and makes them convert into customers. If performed right, technical SEO has the power to boost traffic by ten times. 

Now, let’s check out the steps that the owner of an online store should follow:

Submit the website’s URL to Google and sitemap through search console. 

Take a mobile-friendly test employing page-speed insight tools and mark the suggestions provided by the tool. 

Include the primary keywords in the meta tags, title tags, content, alt attribute, and H1. 

One out of four visitors will leave the website if it takes more than 2 seconds to get loaded. So, better test your website page loading speed and optimize it so that it may get loaded within the prescribed time. For that, you may compress all the images to increase the page speed and save the server space. With the assistance of our e-commerce marketing company

5. Link Building

Link building is considered as one of the demanding aspects of e-commerce SEO. but if you produce the right strategies for content marketing and outreach techniques, then you can create quality links. Let’s check out some of the effective tactics of link building for e-commerce website:

  • To product pages add the instructional videos. Promote the video guides of how-to on YouTube to enhance the reach. 
  • Promote the products that are acknowledged in a particular season. This attracts the mass audience and magnetizes their attention. 
  • In your industry, you can team up with the influences and support your link build approaches and content marketing. 
  • Start blogging to create an internal link building approach. 


These simple 5 steps will help you learn about e-commerce SEO that will in-turn aid your brand in many ways out, but the main concern is that it enhances sales.