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Educational Mobile App - A New App Idea For Startups

The 21st century is the era of mobile apps, emerging technologies, and digitalization, which is all set for a revolution in the education industry.

Educational Mobile App - A New App Idea For Startups

Thursday January 09, 2020,

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Inception of “Software Development Company” has led to the far-flung access to the internet with a new era of digitalization, rarely leaving any industry untouched. The fast and easy accessibility of the internet has made it possible to step out from the cocoon to reach out to the remotest regions in the world with the same information.

In today’s scenario, it is easy to access any field from entertainment to social platform or news portal to professional platform. However, there is a unified platform for every industry which can be easily accessed by anyone, anywhere, and anytime.

Let’s have a look in the digital transformation.

The increasing number of mobile apps amass a behemoth amount of revenue, roughly sketching to around $ 935.2 million dollars by 2023.
The predictions says that the number of desktop computer witnessed a drop of 30% in the device market in 2013 and added 13% in 2017.
Mobile App Revenue

Leveraging the benefits of technology upon education has been immense over the past few years. Educational apps have been developed to motivate students from all walks of life to learn and explore more in the field and create more interest in making learning fun.

Why Startups Are Focusing On Digital Learning?

Why Startups Are Focusing on Digital Learning?

As predicted, the education software market will conquer a significant majority of the app market, with a whopping revenue of around 6.5 billion U.S dollars in 2019.

So, the question arises “will this trend hold”?

It’s a YES!

If this trend holds, it’s forecasted to represent a billion-dollar increase in the global market revenue since 2015 and year-on-year keeps on adding 100 million dollars.

Moreover, estimations are suggesting that this trend of steady growth will continue for a time to come, reaching nearly 7 billion by 2022.

Thus, Great education is no more a dream for students. With a behemoth number of educational apps available at the play store, selecting the right one can change the way a student looks up for the learning process.

Today’s time is popularly known as the “E-learning Era”. Since last two decades, the trend has upsurged, and it still continues to grow with an unparalleled level of accessibility and better education app that addresses all requirements of the students with distinctive needs. So, modern education blended with mobile apps proves to be a boon for the commoners but more importantly for the people living in the remote areas.

Why Educational Apps Are The “Inescapable”

In the ever-changing digital arena, mobile phones are hot picks for young students and even for 16 years old students with 44 years of experience for everything.

“Smartphone” they name it.

This has brought the entire world in your palm and every piece of information at your arm’s stretch. Simultaneously, minimizing the commuting time to visit a library and searching for the required data.

Thus, a mobile phone can be utilized for many purpose. And, in the education space, it’s mobile application that makes availability of information easily available. The leading Android and iPhone app development company abides with the objective “learning has no end” making learning a continuous process.

As it’s high time for E-learning, let’s get a comprehensive understanding of what makes mobile apps a must for education.

1. The Inquisitive Way To Learn 

Welcoming the mobile application in the learning process has crafted and curated the new way of learning in the educational sector. They have fun games and puzzles available on the mobile phones that keep the student engaged in a healthy thought process along with giving them wings to explore the world from a different perspective.

2. Round-The-Clock Accessibility

Institutions and schools have a time limit for study. A child can study a particular subject for a specific time, and in the same slot, they have to clear their doubts too.

This sounds a daunting task! Right?

But, with the inception of the educational app for students, it provides a lending hand to the learner to learn at their pace with enough time to clarify their doubts and no need to teacher’s presence.

There are a lot of mobile educational apps available in the market, out of which Byju’s is a prominent name, mostly preferred by school management and students.

Thus, many school management considers educational mobile app a necessity to accomplish productive results with minimal investments.

3. Transforming Educational Standards

The future of education depends upon technology. The content available is not only pre-dominant but also ticks the boxes of unique needs of the learner.

The e-learning allows the user to transform the real-world objects in a digitally enhanced, enriched with media experience as like images, videos, and animations by scanning images with the emerging technology of Augmented Reality applications.

However, m-learning is the future and the best mobile app development company is willing to bet on it with their exclusive app solutions.

4. Portability & Mobility Along With Sustainability

As the name suggests, mobile apps are free, to be precise, it’s portable. The students and parents can carry it along to anywhere and use the education app accordingly whenever their child feel comfortable.

As portability and mobility is one aspect of the coin, another is Sustainability. Sustainability is in comparison to the conventional learning methods that include paper, pens, pencil.

Moreover, the Android app development company keeps the core focus on students accessibility while developing the educational app. These learning apps allows the student to obtain references quickly by just downloading them.

Lastly, it will be an Eco-friendly approach as less tress will be cut.

With education learning app, learning is not just confined to classrooms.

5. Turning World Into A Classroom

Yes, you heard it right!

With m-learning, the world is your classroom.

Children who tend to incline towards TV or surf the internet or stick to phones for a more extended conversation in their leisure time might get a sigh of relief. But, they are not suitable for their overall growth.

However, educational learning app is the best way to invest their leisure time while learning and exploring new things.

The Array Of Educational App For Students

Array of Educational App

1. Educational Games & Puzzles

Learning yet the exciting idea is to build an educational app with puzzles and games, which let the student of any age group learn through games and puzzles.

The games and puzzles can be on various subjects like Mathematics, reasoning and logic, English, Science, grammar and lot other related trades. This makes student curious to take up the challenge and test their knowledge.

Lately, at the time you hire an iOS app developer to keep in mind that they include a feature to select the games and puzzles according to their age and knowledge.

2. AR Educational App

AR Educational App

Undoubtedly, AR is one of the promising technology. It holds true for education spectrum as it proves to be the best idea to teach and explain students in the most effective way.

AR helps to integrate an innovative and analytical way of learning through visualization and interactions that primarily benefit children with learning challenges in their way.

Students utilize the AR-Based educational app as they help them have a realistic view of their books. Moreover, these apps can teach a lot of different things to the students for their everyday life.

3. Queries/Solutions App 

An exciting and straightforward app with question and answer can also be in the list of creating an educational app. On this app, students can post their queries related to specific subject or trade, and any teacher or an experienced person can answer it accordingly.

This application is useful for any group all across the globe. For instance, Quora is one kind of app where questions get an answer, and a similar app can be on your list to be developed while you hire Android app developers.

4. Online Tutor App

An exciting app idea “Online Tutor App”. This app includes a personal- teacher or an on-demand tutor that let student and parents hire an on-demand tutor for a specific subject or concern as per the comfort level of the student.

In the app, you have a choice to select the best tutor and chat with them instantly. Even, students have the option to select their online tutor as per their relevance.

5. Miscellaneous App

The Miscellaneous app is the latest trending app idea, particularly for institutions and schools. They basically make the right fit for school bus app.

Nowadays, security and safety is the utmost concern which makes parents and school authorities a lot concerned about their younger ones. With this app, they are able to keep a close eye on the commuting bus with sharing live-locations and get notified about the drop and pick up points and time.

Therefore, school management can hire a leading Android app development company to build this kind of app for themselves.

6. Language Learning App

Learning a new language is an exciting and daunting task at the same time. But, aligning with a reliable and operational language learning educational app makes it seamless. This is fast, simple, and best for the beginner as well as pro.

This kind of app includes speech directives which allow the user to hear the pronunciation of the respective word. Moreover, many apps provide you with the feature to directly learn from the native speaker in the higher levels.

7. Courses App

Numerous apps pay special attention to improving education standards, the management and communication within their school hierarchy. Besides, many specialized courses are offered to enhance your knowledge along with education.

These courses are not a part of the school curriculum; hence you will require an outside expert from the same field to help you in accomplishing the content.

Don’t you think studying from an online educational app will be a better option?

Flexibility to access it from anywhere and anytime.
Saving your precious time.
Age no bar.
And, enhancing the possibilities of a better career.

What Make’s Educational App A Hot-Pick For Startups

The proliferation of smartphones acts as a buoyant in the growth of mobile apps. Whether it’s entertainment, paying bills, ordering grocery, booking a cab, there is an app for everything simplifying our lives with a touch.

As mobile apps have curated a niche in most of the trade, there is the last piece of cake left. The mobile apps have opened up avenues for budding entrepreneurs - The address is “The Educational Mobile App”.

At present, there are 1,94,215 educational apps on the Google play store making it the largest community.

1,67,566 educational app are free to use.
26,649 educational paid apps.

So, without any doubt educational app makes a good investment for startups as parents find it easy and intuitive way of learning for their toddlers.

1. Earning Through Advertisement Within The App

The in-app purchase contribute to 76% of all the revenue generated in the Apple app store in the USA and above to 90% in the Asian countries. The in-app purchases are controlled by a parent’s lock.

Therefore, systematically placing the ads, there is a magnificent chance for earning through affiliate marketing. The ads or in-app purchases are targeted towards parents so essentially kid’s learning and education are managed by the parents.

Therefore, hire an Android app developer who is experienced in developing the one-of-its kind educational mobile app seamlessly.

2. A Room For Innovation

Edtech is the buzzing world from the past few years for leading iOS and Android app development company with still a room for innovation.

For example, Angel.co is a reputed startup community venture with 16,000 listed educational mobile apps. And, their educational apps count everything, from survival classes apps to language learning apps.

But, with the rising number of educational hubs, universities, schools, institutions and simultaneously preparing for competitive exams, you think 16,000 apps are sufficient?

Hence, there are rooms for innovation.

3. E-Learning Attracts Incubators And Accelerators

90% of the startups fail within the first year . Might this scare you off from pursuing your startup, but thanks to Accelerators and Incubators, there is no need to be in the 90%.

Although incubators don’t pay special attention to startups alone, they still act as a boon for budding Edtech startups. Incubators can provide the required training, consultation, and networking opportunities to provide an upthrust to startup in their early days.

On the other hand, Accelerators provide the seed funding with training and consulting in exchange for a share in your startup. Accelerators are ready to invest from their own pocket; they are more dedicated to help the startup succeed.

Presently, Intel Education, Started, and Teclabs are the top choice Accelerators focused on investing in Educational Technology Startup.

Features That Will Make Your App Stand Out From Crowd

Features that will make your app stand out

1. Chalk Out The Syllabus

It is essential to chalk out the syllabus of the course that you have decided to provide in the app. An educational app is used in smart classrooms to study full courses along with exceptional skills related to the stream.

In the present scenario, more and more schools are opting for educational apps for improving their educational experience and gaining the competitive edge in the learning standards.

These apps make learning fun instead of a demur. Even learning through apps overcome the language barrier. The experienced iPhone and Android app development company consider making the language multi-lingual.

2. Pop-up Notifications & Activities

The app should be accomplished with alluring yet easily accessible features that will help the user with all the required information and frequent updates. It’s a proven choice to break the learning monotony with numerous course-related activities.

3. Interface Of The App

As per the popular quote, “First Impression Is The Last Impression”. So, starting from students, parents, to school authorities, all are going to download the app if it’s more captivating and engaging and easy to use. The UI/UX will profoundly impact your app user.

4. Interactive & Live Sessions

A student gets to know about a lot of things on their own. While some students have an excellent ability to grasp things, there are some students who are not that good and need some special attention to understanding the hard topics.

Of course, you don’t want your student to lack behind. For this, it’s your sole responsibility to include interactive and live sessions in the app which will allow your student to have any time and feel free to ask questions.

These live interactive sessions give the student the freedom to clear their doubts or get answers to the queries related to the specific stream or topic. Nevertheless, virtual classrooms with live tutorials and chat sessions with mentors and tutors take the learning process to a whole new paradigm.

5. Connection With The Web

Having an educational app that is linked with other related articles of the same interest or trade increase enthusiasm of the student towards the web and learning.

On the same note, it provides students with an opportunity to view other related information out from the web. This will eventually save time spent on scanning and finding various articles on the internet.

6. Frequent Mock Assignments & Tests

It is mandatory to include frequent mock-test and assignments in the m-learning process to test the understanding of the user with the topic. By this, they will be able to proceed accordingly and put the efforts at the required point.

Thus, it’s mandatory to align or hire Android app developers that will surely mark the frequent mock-test papers for the students.

7. Feedback

For any app, it’s essential to be open for the feedback as they are the ones using it and facing any difficulties that might be encountered while developing and deploying in the app.

Therefore, the Android and iPhone app development company takes regular feedback and work to resolve the issues. This act as a boon to match the pace of the relevant and user-friendly options alongside the changing digital era.

The Concluding Words

With the popularity of smart-phone and access to the internet, it has crafted a phenomenal change in the way of our educational system works. The easy availability of the apps dedicated to specific topic and courses has made learning an enjoyable fun-ride rather than a roller-coaster.

So, with the rise in technologies, the education industry is also upsurging. But on aligning with the best mobile app development company, the advancement may cost a little bit in the initial, but returns are higher than expected. That is the reason more and more schools, institutions, universities have developed their own educational app.