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Effective Content Syndication Strategies for Bloggers

Content syndication is nothing but republishing your content or other sites to get traffic. Content syndication and white paper syndication is helping businesses grow faster. Here are strategies for effective Content Syndication.

Effective Content Syndication Strategies for Bloggers

Wednesday July 24, 2019,

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Everyone you meet is on the internet today. Some people are on the internet trying to sell their products and services, some trying to share their ideas and thoughts, and some set to rule the internet with their content. In between all this, you might have come across the term content syndication at some point of time. Content syndication, in simple words, is nothing but republishing your content or other sites to get traffic. Every person who is out there, on the first page of Google, is not just focusing on SEO but content syndication as well. These days you will also be able to see the rising demand of companies that provide content syndication services and now we know why.

Let us not forget that the internet is bigger than one can imagine. It is very difficult to sit and wait for traffic to get to your site or keep creating new content every single time. Yes, content creation is important. But have you heard of the ‘65-25-10' rule? 65% of the content needs to be created, 25% of your content needs to be curated and 10% of the content can be syndicated. Keep reading to know about the effective content syndication strategies for bloggers.

Content Syndication Strategies for Bloggers

1. Syndicate your content (blogs, articles) on other Websites

To get traffic on your website, you can syndicate your content on other websites. If you get a chance to syndicate your content on a high-profile website, do not miss the chance. High-profile websites have a huge following which simply means traffic. Imagine all the traffic that your website would get once you are featured on some reputed website.

If you believe in contributing and not just republishing old content, you can try making a deal with other websites or publishers. If the website posts four of your content, you can provide one or two self-created, original content. If your content is catchy or attracts a lot of people, creating traffic, the website will happily agree to the deal. This will be a win-win situation for both of you.

If creating content that does not perform seems difficult to you, then there are n number of content syndication services that exist to help you create and boost your content in a right manner.

2. Syndicate third-party content on your website

If you are a blogger with a huge following, it is understood that all your time is spent creating content for your followers. Helping people by posting third-party content on your website works as well. There might be many things you may be good at, and many things that you aren’t familiar with. Taking help from people who are expert in their field and syndicating their content on your blog can help in increasing traffic.

Since it is difficult to get someone to write unique content for your website every time, reaching out to influencers and bloggers seems easier. Also, as we mentioned earlier, 10% of syndicated content on the website is accepted.

Do not forget to take permission from people with a huge following before featuring their content on your site. Influencers and bloggers do feel good about being asked about their content and getting featured.

3. Publish content on websites that syndicate content

Some websites syndicate their content. If you are a regular contributor to a site, you can get your content syndicated on their site. These websites might also help you get recognized or found by people from other sites.

Apart from content syndication, another content marketing strategy that is growing simultaneously is the white paper syndication service. Both content syndication and white paper syndication is helping businesses grow faster. Next time you are looking for ways to increase traffic, try focusing on content syndication along with SEO.