Effective Time Management Skills

Effective Time Management Skills

Monday February 04, 2019,

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Prioritize your work according to the importance level. Complete all tasks prior to the timelines. Schedule them in such a way that reduces stress and anxiety levels. Make a grid by naming them with urgent, routine, simple and complex. Make yourself punctual and a role model in front of others by adopting such approach.

Jot down all the things to be done on a notepad daily from most to least important. Set the time limits against each responsibility. Don’t assume, be realistic in the time frames. In case of difficult tasks not being completed on time, discipline yourself rather than putting them to a delay causing distress.

At the end of the day, see the amount of work done during the entire day. Set priorities for the next day by following the same rule. Cut down the task one by one after completion. Stuff which is not done on the same day should be kept first for the following day. For long and complex chores, break it down to multiple days.

Small jobs can be interrupted between big tasks like attending phone calls, filing or relaxing for 10 minutes. Working during long travels can benefit from not wasting time. Read during flights or trains.

Intrinsic motivation is a must to accomplish all the responsibilities. In case of working in teams, make sure that notes are prepared before and after the discussions for future references. Keep records of all the meetings coming up. Delegated work to others must be given a target for providing the work. Copy pastes the face to face talks in a diary for remembrance. If mornings are hectic, afternoon schedule must be planned according for routine tasks. Don’t waste time by conducting meetings often. Information can be passed through mails or calls. Financial objective deadlines is important if money is the key goal to achieve,

Timely completed work deserves a reward to self by sparing some me time from the busy day.

For a time-spending analysis, make a pie chart on weekly basis to have know-how that which of the work consumes most of your time. This will help you scrutinize the jobs, Make a log on the whiteboard by noting down the long and short term goals.