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8 Tips to Expand Your Online Hotel Business Worldwide Without Losing out on Profits

8 Tips to Expand Your Online Hotel Business Worldwide Without Losing out on Profits

Tuesday March 03, 2020,

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Nowadays all the industries are based on technology. People love to explore new locations in the name of the tour, vacation, family trip, etc. So they use to browse the best hotels online. The statistics show that 75% of bookings in hotels are done online. In this place, digital marketing plays a major role. Each year the plans and strategic changes according to the season. 

What is digital marketing for hotel business?

It's nothing but also known as hospitality marketing, which refers to maintaining your hotels online. This process includes all social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc to promote their hotels. You need the right partner to take your business online to reach the exact targeted audience using mail, paid marketing, and social media. 

Why is digital marketing so important to take your hotel business to the next level?

In today’s span, most of the users used to stuff their browsing tools to search for a good hotel. The journey begins with the booking of the hotel. It is a fact that you have to accept that the number of bookings will be increased once you have good digital marketing for your hotel business.

Since 2020, here I have listed 8 Tips to Expand Your Online Hotel Business Worldwide without losing out on Profits.

8 Tips to Expand Your Online Hotel Business Worldwide Without Losing out on Profits

1.Make your website more visible in search engines 

Whenever people need anything they will pull up the search engine “Google” to get their required details from it. Google processes 3.5 million searches every day. So it is not a wonder that many companies are used to being involved in search engine optimization(SEO). Let me tell you some strategies to make your business reach the top of the search ranking. 

  • Enhance every page of your site with rich content - It's difficult but must because it is fundamental, without it you’ll be closely pursued to get visibility in the search engine at all.
  • Write unique title tags and descriptions for every page.
  • Decrease 404 errors - people use to get irritated when it shows frequently.
  • Make your site load faster and content easily shareable
  • Optimize your image size

So if your hotel isn’t visible online, you will be getting a few bookings. You need to be everywhere relevant to your business, therefore your people can find you on their doorstep to place the bookings for stay.

2.Assure that you're targeting the right audience

You must know, what type of hotel you are going to market and who all your identical guests are? If necessary, you can classify your customers into two or three or even four groups and send them separate emails. Because each of them will have different needs. Since you are marketing your hotel, you will have a variety of guests with different incomes, therefore, you can separate it into 3 levels of class like a high, mid, and low which, helps to send the offers to the guest accordingly. It would take time, but once you target the right audience and send them the correct notification/message, you will get more profits.

For example - take a look at Facebook ads it will show the ads according to the person's budgets or according to the person's search engine.

3.Build local partnership

Your hotel is not placed in the middle of the sea or desert. Your hotel might be surrounded by many local businesses and hot spots like movie theaters, restaurants, etc. You can join your hands with them and become partners with their business by advertising their products on your websites, like co-promoting each other is a great way to build the partnership.

For example, your building local partnership with the nearest restaurant and boutique, which can be 10% off if they book your hotel for stay. Or by winning, in the contest, you can give them 30-40% off for the foods and dresses they purchase.

4.Your website should be both simple and breathtaking 

You might have come across many websites before you build one for your own. Many websites will be worse in design or might not be convenient for users. This will be a great disadvantage for getting low bookings and bad reviews. Your website should have the best design to attract the people who come to book their tickets. Once the users are attracted, they will feel happy to continue with your services.

Your hotel website should contain the best user interface and clear navigation. Ensure that your hotel photos are taken by professionals and it should be stable for both desktop and mobile. Keep the languages clear and simple the booking process. You can check top online hotel booking websites. They have attractive backgrounds and simple booking methods with good pictures of their hotels. Or else you spend your money to appoint a good developer to build your website.

5. Interact with your guest via social media

Presence in social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and others is not a new thing, but using it in the best way to increase your influence by digital marketing works.

Going through live sections on these platforms will be the best idea to make connections with your users. And you can also firm your hotel tour and update it on the respective platform to get more good reviews and opinions on your hotels. 

There are many social media strategies where you can apply this to pull up your customers to your hotel.

6. Email marketing

Nowadays, due to social media's growth, people underestimate email marketing. But it is not so that hotels can use email marketing. It is the best way to communicate your business with your guests in a professional way. By email, you can send your guest pre-arriving invitations and guides, details about your hotel's privacy and policy. By doing this, you can make your guests feel special and get good reviews on your site.

7. Advertising

Advertising is a must process to take your business to the next level, so in 2020, you have to the correct platform to attract your targeted audience. For example, if your targeted audience is Gen Z, then you can use Snapchat as the key feature for your hotel bookings. Similarly, there are many ways you can advertise your hotel through Facebook, LinkedIn, Google.

Remarket Your hotel again and again 

You have to keep on remarket your hotel booking. People might have reached your website due to some changes they left. It means they might have forgotten about it or else they would have got a better choice than yours. Because travelers may get distracted in many ways so you should keep on remarketing your site again and again. In remarketing, you can show them little discounts than your competitors.  

8.Maintain your hotel’s online reputation

The hotel industry runs only by the guest’s satisfaction, so you have maintained your online reputation frequently. You should also know what your guests are saying about you. How else can you improve your service? 

Since online reviews are the key for the upcoming guest, who comes to visit your website they will be viewing to book their stay. Negative feedback is much more valuable than positive feedback, so keep tracking your ratings and comments day by day. Set an objective and work for it.


Digital marketing is one of the best ways to get your hotel booking to the next level. Yea, there are many better players than you in the market, but when you proceed with these 8 tips you will get the user's attention quickly. 

By summing up, all get more bookings in 2020 with some special personalize designs/customized themes in your hotel to attract your customers. Therefore they won't forget your hotel in their life. And it's also a key to your success.