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How to Enhance your Emotional Energy During the Time of Pandemic Covid-19

Lockdown can swiftly weigh down your emotional energy, if not preferred to become virtuous towards healthy manifestation of good perspective towards emotional health.

How to Enhance your Emotional Energy During the Time of Pandemic Covid-19

Monday April 27, 2020,

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Just listening attentively to what other people are suffering and validating their feelings will not help;  self-isolation during this tumultuous period might challenge our emotional fortitude and  is not going to be easy – lockdown can swiftly weigh down your emotional energy, if not preferred to become virtuous towards healthy manifestation of good perspective towards emotional health.

 A lot of anxiety is rooted in worrying about the pandemic - Covid-19 which has plunged the world into uncertainty and the constant bombardment news about the pandemic can make you feel relentless and exhausted. As the disease is tenacious, disorienting and confusing ----- all of this is taking its toll on people’s emotional health, particularly those already living with mental health conditions like anxiety and OCD.  Being concerned about the news is understandable, but for many people it can be emotionally troubling or disturbing and can make existing mental health problems worse.

It is the matter of how we hold onto emotional pain that is quite severe. It is the human tendency ---------we keep on grasping for something that has been slipping out of our hands for a very long time? For instance - Bingeing on the news cycle for pandemic can definitely leave us feeling sad, stressed and depressed which is literally like making yourself run back to the thorns that is constantly leaving holes on you to bleed out. Yes! It is that painful and we are doing nothing but craving for proof that we are alive.

When your psychological chain gets abruptly yanked, it becomes extremely easy to get overwhelmed by the phenomenal power of feelings. But! Gigantic number of individuals lose control of their emotions in response to the daily stress and that creates an upheaval on long-term mental and physical health. Thus, our emotional responses to the sad news creates stresses in daily life that may predict our long-term mental health, according to a new study.  It makes responding effectively to the situation just about impossible. So it’s crucial to develop a skill set that enables you to loosen the tight grip your emotions may be exerting over you.

In the older normal days before the pandemic, most of us used to go out for work, if not work, then we would go out for routine chores etc. There was some kind of physical movement during the day outside the house. And there were social interactions - face to face ones. But now, the world is adjusting to a new normal life - which is devoid of in person social interactions & bare minimum physical movement outside the home. If this practice is continued for long, mindlessly, then it can lead to serious issues in the near future. Physical inactivity can lead to physical body issues. Lack of in person social interaction can lead to emotional and psychological issues. One needs to mindfully incorporate physical exercise in daily routine so that we get the necessary workout during the day & our physical body gets this important dose. One can opt for a lot of indoor exercising options like Yoga, Pilates, Zumba, strength training, dance and many more. One can also go for staircase workout maintaining social distancing. And if you are not interacting with your friends and family members because of a distancing issue, make sure you make a conscious effort to connect virtually with them so that you can talk out your feelings with them. Keeping your feelings & emotions within yourself can be detrimental to your mental & emotional health. 

With the absence of outdoor recreation options, which we are very used to, it is important to hunt around at home what you can do for your recreation. It can be watching movies or series or listening to music or reading books that you always thought of reading. It could be following your hobbies that you did not touch for years now. Recreation is anything that is different from your routine work. And it is very important to mindfully include recreation in your routine to keep stress & depression at bay. 

If thoughts & feelings are not taken care of, it can lead to different kinds of mental & emotional illness which can start from a normal stress or anxiety attack & lead to serious diseases in the long term like blood pressure, hormonal imbalances, migraine etc to name a few. Any physical disease has roots in the emotions somewhere. So it is very important to keep our emotions healthy in this period specially. We all are adjusting to a new normal life & it is predicted to continue for at least one year. 

Lack of physical exercise & less / no exposure to sun can also lead to diseases like back pain, weak bone health, osteoporosis, vitamin D deficiency and many more serious issues. One should make it a point to include exercise and sunlight dose in daily routine. You can sit in your balcony for your daily sun dose. 

Spiritual health is also equally important. A short mindfulness practice can go a long way in maintaining your spiritual health. It could be a short pranayam stint, or meditation or any mindfulness practice like journally etc. If one is not healthy spiritually, it can lead to issues like brain fog, not feeling connected to the body and random issues like these. 

9 Wellness tips to manifest Wellness during lockdown 

  1. Exercise daily
  2. Get sunlight dose daily
  3. Work with your breath on a conscious level. Do pranayam 
  4. Meditate for at least 5 minutes daily. Chanting a mantra is also an option
  5. Make a conscious attempt to have meaningful conversations with your friends & family
  6. Make recreation a part of your daily routine
  7. Divide the chores respectfully within your family
  8. Have faith & hope in everything. Without hope & faith, life can fall apart even when things are positive around you
  9. Make gratitude a daily practice & count your blessings every morning. Even in pandemic times, there will be at least 1 thing every day you can be grateful for. This helps in shifting your focus from negative to positive. Remember, what you focus upon, grows & manifests.