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Video Monetization: 11 Best YouTube Alternatives for Video Creators & Publishers

Top Youtube Monetization Alternatives to Make Money With Videos.

Video Monetization:  11 Best YouTube Alternatives for Video Creators & Publishers

Friday September 20, 2019,

8 min Read

The Golden Era of YouTube is rapidly losing its charm and glory. Though it’s one of the most popular video platforms, it doesn’t mean that it is always the best either! So, wondering what went wrong? It’s all about the changes that it got into its system which made the YouTube to come down from the spotlight. Also, several YouTube alternatives for content creators slowly began to gain momentum.

Here’s a Quick Glimpse of the YouTube Slowdown

  1. Suspending users for no reasons & can't get back to account at any cost.
  2. The most infamous comment section where many YouTubers have gone to the extent of disabling comment section to avoid abusive content.
  3. The threat of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) take down system

Incidents that nailed the Coffin For YouTube Platform

  1. 2017 - The moderation team failed to monitor & streamline the 450 hours of dangerous content posted every minute.
  2. Same year US and UK backfired YouTube for allowing to publish terrorism content without any restriction
  3. 2018 - YouTube partner program played favoritism game to the Big creators who met their new rules & standards
  4. Small creators felt they were left out and not cared by the new monetization policies
  5. Vloggers felt they’re “forgotten”. The demonetization had a severe backlash on their revenue & financially started to experience a standstill.

Where the Video Creators Headed Next ?

Now the video creators have realized that in spite of putting their 200 percent in creating unique content , they have not been treated with a fair share, this is where YouTube alternatives comes into play to make money . Here I came up with the list of Youtube alternatives which help you for your long time video business.

Top 11 Alternative YouTube List is given below 

#1 Vplayed

Vplayed, the best alternative to YouTube platform. Unlike YouTube, Vplayed provide various unbiased monetization options for small and big video creators. A 100% customizable Software-as-a-Product company that emphasis on one-time cost model.  Apart from their various monetization models, they also offer HTML / HLS player, video-on-demand services in a secured DRM platform.

Moreover, the video content management system is designed in such a manner that they can be integrated into platforms of any server with zero-buffer. The solution is overall crafted to engine video and audio files of any format to stream them in rich quality and broadcast with zero latency.

Why Vplayed is better than YouTube?


  • Complete Ownership
  • One-Time Payment
  • Quick Launch
  • Multiple Monetization options

#2 Kaltura

Kaltura is a open-source video platform with vPaaS model. It is one of the flawless Youtube alternative platforms to make money. Build video solutions for business, lifestyle or educational institutions with Kaltura.

Kaltura help you communicate, collaborate and entertain the targeted audience without restrictions. In-built transcoding and other video enhancing features deliver the optimal quality.

Why Kaltura is better than YouTube?


  • Webcasting & Live Streaming
  • LMS Video Plugins
  • Marketing Tools
  • Content Management 


  • Data Security needs to scrutinized with PaaS model 

#3 Dailymotion

Dailymotion is one of the video streaming platforms which follows almost a blueprint of YouTube’s layout and category format. Though it has certain limitations , they continue to provide a solid platform for video creators to share their content anytime, anywhere with many monetization options.

Why Dailymotion is better than YouTube?


  • Easy to navigate
  • Same Look & Feel like YouTube
  • Relaxed rules than YouTube
  • Professional Video Quality


  • Only Pro-Users can upload High Quality Videos 
  • Less popular in US region
  • Limited Video resolution (upto 1080 pixels only)

#4 Vimeo

Vimeo is one of the video streaming solution providers which supports high-quality videos. Vimeo provides a reliable monetization models than YouTube. Also, it allows you to view the content with less distraction. It has an easy to use interface where you can easily browse by categories but not by channels. They have included some of the TV shows as well.

Why Vimeo is better than YouTube?


  • OTT
  • On Demand
  • Branding


  • Limitation to upload videos(500 MB per week)
  • To upload more, a premium monthly fees is required

#5 Brid TV

BridTV is another scalable alternative to YouTube which offers exclusive video ad solutions with a white label platform to the video creators. They help you manage, monetizes & streams the video content in a timely manner. 

This platform acts as a boon for the classy filmmakers to showcase their video content in the best streaming quality. Brid TV has salient features like in-built encoding, adaptive bitrate streams that is scalable and reliable.

Why BridTV is better than YouTube?


  • Video Encoding 
  • Video Analytics
  • Regain Adblock inventory 


  • Their free basic plan has very limited options for the user to explore other features

#6 Brightcove

Brightcove’s monetization platform is a reliable alternative to youtube which consists of a stand-alone HTML5 video player with several monetization options. With Content management systems and marketing automation these platforms claim to increase the revenue across cross-platforms.

Why Brightcove is better than YouTube?


  • HLS Live Streaming 
  • Easy to use interface
  • SSAI
  • CMS


  • Limited to only ad monetization options

#7 Wistia

Wistia facilitates to monetize videos without YouTube easily. It accurately says how long a user watches a video, location and other video viewing details which helps greatly in video analytics. 

All their video content are secured with high encryption standards , thus leaving the hackers and malicious activities at bay. 

Why Wistia is better than YouTube?


  • Very Professional Look & Feel
  • Tightened Security
  • Adjustable Dimensions


  • Unlike big content owners, very expensive for small creators
  • No Helps with promotions

#8 Metacafe

Metacafe is known for delivering a quality short-form video content . It has a 90 second video limit which offers a high-quality content. Other than YouTube, Metacafe is a secure alternative platform for creators to earn money. Video content is more predominant in this platform. 

Metacafe gives its users video content in a short & crisp format covering a wide range of topics from how-to videos, wellness , product reviews and so on. 

Why Metacafe is better than YouTube?


  • Straightforward, Easy interface 
  • Great platform for short-form content creators & community-based content
  • No low-quality contents 


  • Detailed videos are not present as it has limitation of time limit 
  • Low viewership count when compared to YouTube

#9 Alugha

Alugha allows to embed several dubbing in the video like a subtitle. This is one of the unique platform that supports multilingual feature. Now the users can watch a video in more than 2 or 3 languages. This increases the user base by taking this platform across many regions and races across the world. 

There are no advertising and the videos are uploaded as per the publishing date. Alugha is the best youtube alternatives to make money where the user can upload the video once and add the appropriate language tracks with metadata as well. Additional features like “I like”, “comments” etc reveals a clear video statistics. 

Why Alugha is better than YouTube?


  • Supports Multilingual Videos
  • Expands the audience reach 
  • Video Analytics is available


  • Does not support several monetization options

#10 Flickr

Flickr has also stepped into the video streaming though it has certain limitations in video uploading capacity. Since Flickr is an already established platform, it has a greater user base. Flickr is emerging as a youtube video monetization alternative with various features. 

Why Flickr is better than YouTube?


  • Easy to search & Locate the content
  • Upload Videos without any obstacles


  • Limitation to upload videos upto 90 seconds only

#11 Patreon

Patreon is a unique approach which is beneficial for long-term project for recurring creations like a video series or weekly / monthly podcasts. Unlike YouTube, Patreon emphasis an alternative subscription-style model to make money with videos.

The users pay their creators a monthly amount to view the video content. The Patreon has three subscription plans namely Lite, Pro and Premium which takes a commission of 5%,8% and 12% respectively. 

Why Patreon is better than YouTube?


  • Communication Tools
  • Premium Team Accounts
  • Unlimited App Integrations


  • Very broad category lists
  • Difficult to find specific projects
  • Less popular & many are still unfamiliar with this platform

Closing Thoughts

Though these are the best new monetization alternative to YouTube, there are few pros and cons as well as listed above. Depending upon the business scope and targeted audience, pick one which gives a reliable, 100% customizable streaming platform blended with best technologies. Let us know which one you are planning to choose and get ready to increase your revenue.