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Enhance your apps with AI Builder

AI Builder - the platform supporting the Power Platform with low-code Artificial Intelligence. It will be accessible for use based on the huge database in the power platform.

Enhance your apps with AI Builder

Monday July 22, 2019,

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Microsoft announced the investments they’re going to make in developing the Power Platform with the inclusion of Artificial Intelligence. Power platform is a low-code base. It helps companies to automate business processes, scrutinize data, organize information and deal with it their way through the apps. The great thing about the PowerApps platform is that it is helpful to everyone. From the expert developer to the standard worker.

AI Builder with Power Platform


AI Builder – the platform supporting the Power Platform with low-code Artificial Intelligence. It will be accessible for use based on the huge database in the power platform named Common Data Service which is of high quality, simple and transparent. For their Powerapps and Flows, developers can now have a low-code experience platform with the help of AI Builder which will help make them and shape them in a totally easy way.

You will be able to find the AI builder when you go to the navigation pane of PowerApps Studio or MS Flow website. The developers would gain a lookout of the PowerApps platform with the simple wizard-like experience. Under the ‘models’ tab, in a single pane, there is all the information of every AI model made. The important points about the model are shown straight in a table form. The model can be published or tested right there. Also one can see how effective the model is, how much data it is consuming and can see other guided actions. Overall, this could be one of the best tools of Microsoft PowerApps Development.

Features of AI Builder of Power Platform

AI Builder of Power Platform

Binary Classification

The prediction of the possible classification category of fresh data with the help of the historical data is Binary Classification. By associating the past data with the past outcomes, AI Builder binary classification speculates yes or no outcomes. With the help of the intellectual patterns calculated in new data, the model would foresee the future results. Thus, the AI Builder binary classification models can be used wherever there is an answer in one of the two outcomes.

Text Classification

Based on the historical info provided, Text Classification can tag any extract of text. Enhance your business data using this model which tags fresh text readily.one of the basic problems of natural language processing is text classification. Thus, this can help in managing customer urges, spam analysis and mood analysis among many other things which can be done with the help of this model. With Microsoft Flow and PowerApps, this classification will help you to expand and organize your business systems to be self-operating and will free your people for more important jobs to do. Also, the AI builder will optimize itself according to the data you feed through the past labeled items. This helps in classifying the disorganized data in the common data service and utilize it for your particular customized requirements.

Object Detection

It is a tool that can recognize chosen objects in any image. It can also calculate, discover and extract data from the images taken with the camera. This tool helps accelerate the business processes in several sectors. For the retail sector, it means simplifying inventory management; for the manufacturing sector technicians, finding and getting information about any part by taking a picture can save time and labor.

Form Processing

The form processing tool works in a simple way. It would procure the data from the illustrations of forms you need to tag the text and use it to identify the framework of the documents like tax forms and bills. This tool helps you make and utilize different models to retrieve data from the form documents. The results will show up in a flash, to the point and customized as per your data. Thus, with minimal hands-on interference and no requirement of whatsoever data science skills.



This release of Microsoft Powerapps AI builder will make the artificial intelligence helpful in unimaginable ways in the near future. Now, the tech is available, affordable and will soon be in everybody’s hands. Those who have little experience of coding will also make the apps for their own customized needs. The AI builder has prominently proved to be a plus point in the MS hierarchy. Also to the never-ending hunger for optimizing business methods. Studiously, this would be the next big thing for a no-knowledge person to the no-nonsense developer for making smart business apps. You should hire PowerApps developer from the best PowerApps development company. We are working on the Power Platform with a team of experienced and enthusiastic developers.