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Entrepreneur Sanmit Dixit Shares 5 Things Every Startup Founder Should Follow

Entrepreneur Sanmit Dixit Shares 5 Things Every Startup Founder Should Follow

Sunday June 07, 2020,

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Sanmit Dixit

Each day brings new surprises when you’re running a startup and most of them survive and succeed because of the founder’s unyielding will to survive.

Sanmit Dixit is one such entrepreneur from Mumbai who stepped into the business world at the age of 15 with an intension to support his friend’s failed business.

Sanmit who had just passed out of the school gained a 360-degree exposure of how exactly a business operates which is when he decided to give it a shot and start something of his own.

Coming from an extremely well to do family never became a privilege for Sanmit in setting up his own venture. With an urge to be self-independent, Sanmit kickstarted his venture and ever since then, the young entrepreneur has been going all strong.

With startups comes great responsibility and battling all the odds, Sanmit has surely learnt a lot over the past three years. People have always been saying that mistakes and failures often lead to success, but he said that this sentence has been always incomplete. Mistakes and failure aren’t worth it if you do not analyze and not repeat them again, he says. After coming across these words, we decide to get in touch with the powerhouse of talent and here are his mantras every startup founder should know.

  • Sticking to it no matter what

Startups are very stressful and require a lot of patience. If you can’t face rejections 10, 50, 100, 1000 times then it isn’t your cup of tea. You have to stick to it no matter what until you make it.

  • Eliminating mistakes

People often feel good about mistakes and failures thinking that it will be learning for them but it doesn’t go like that. The rule is simple, appreciate what’s doing good and depreciate what’s not. To analyze the things that aren’t doing any good and eliminate them.

The only way to stop being afraid that it might fail is by working hard enough to know it won’t.

People are never sure if they can make it but the confidence says it all and try a lot of shortcuts to just make it work. There is nothing much, the only way to know to stop being afraid is by working hard enough. There’s nothing called comfort in here.

  • Don’t work only for money

You can calculate the growth of the company by profits or buy a lot of things with the money you earn but always remember money is a byproduct when you solve a problem for the targeted audience out there. In the start, focus on solving that problem instead of making a business out of it.

  • No emotional strings

It is easy to make excuses and even easier to not do it but what is not easy is to actually get up and work. Always keep your excuses folder empty, and move on. You have to destroy what’s coming in your way, it may be anything because the experience at the top is just exceptional, while loneliness and sacrifices are the prices.