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Covid19 Rescue Method : List Your Startup On BSE

Covid19 Rescue Method  : List Your Startup On BSE

Tuesday July 21, 2020,

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During lockdown period,everyone has become pessimistic including various companies and startups. Most of the companies are facing funding issues as the production is low as demand is declining. The reason for this sudden downfall of the startup saga is Covid19 pandemic and this has lead the whole world to tumble down.

But there is one ray of hope, now startups can list themselves on BSE and avail benefits. Due to lack of the information, we hardly know the process of it. So, let us read the article below and learn some valuable information on listing of startups BSE.

Their views on what is and should be the ultimate dream of every start-up with the focus on creating wealth for every participant involved? The most important part of any startup is gathering an idea and raising funds for it. Seeking investors is not easy and now Indian Stock Exchange has come up with the model to list the startups on the BSE. This will increase the startups growth and environment 

CoKaCo (found by Manisha Mittal, Nikunj Mittal & CA Utsav Agarwal) in association with 10000StartupsIndia (found by Leenesh Singh, conducted a successful & insightful webinar on “How to get your Startup listed?”.

Here is highlights of the discussion on how to list your startup on BSE

Eligibility Criteria

List your startup

Life cycle of any startup ends by going public and getting listed. It is the key to unlocking the potential. Going public- involves selling your vision and results. It is going out of the shell.

The goal to create and maximize wealth for every participant involved will come to effect only after listing the startup.

Benefits of Listing Startup

Start-up listing on BSE is a very niche subject and not many are aware about it and also about the various benefits which can be availed through listing the start-up, such as:

Benefits of Listing Startup

While it is very beneficial for a start-up if it is listed on BSE, here are some simple steps that a start-up can adapt to get listed:

Process To List Your Startup


List your startup on BSE with Cocako

No company or promoter loses control over their business by getting a startup. Equity is the safest instrument in the hands of the promoters and the riskiest in the hands of the investors. Unlike PE and VCs, this type of investment is scattered, a lot of people have invested in your business. Hence, no control is lost, maximum shares are with the companies’ promoters. How BSE as a listing platform, will help the startups to list on your exchange? Please throw some lights on the eligibility criteria and process thereof.

During Covid19 times, it is not about profitability but it is about sustainability. This is the right time to invest your startup into the the right step towards progress along with the time. If your business is doing well, one will have attracted investment. This will be the key to success for any entrepreneurs. Time is critical and irreversible. You must create a value proposition to attract investment to your business idea. 


We can conclude safely that your platform looks like a boon not only for the start-up but for stakeholder and participants who would like to be a part of the wealth. This step will help the start-ups in wealth creation and stability. 

Is your start-up eligible for listing? Let us help you find out . We cater to entire gamut of financial services. Our virtual platform “CoKaCo” provides 360-degree Business & Financial solutions at one click.