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Evolution Of Grocery Apps That Will Actually Make Your Life Better

Evolution Of Grocery Apps That Will Actually Make Your Life Better

Thursday May 14, 2020,

4 min Read

Grocery is a very essential thing in human life and nowadays the internet makes our life easy by providing us different mobile apps and websites.

We really don’t like too much going to multiple stores, places, and standing in lines for hours and pushing carts. So, the online grocery app is the very best innovation, that brings the whole shopping experience very convenient.

In India, the grocery business is rapidly growing and it has a huge market because India is the fastest growing economy in the world. Online grocery apps provide your groceries on your doorstep with a few clicks on your phone.

Why Grocery Apps are in Demand?

All the services available online so the customer doesn’t want to take the load of exhausting for shopping groceries. Groceries are something that we need every day so by the use of grocery apps customers are not required to go anywhere.

Well, there are many reasons for grocery apps.

Food Freshness

In online grocery delivery freshness of fruits, vegetables are guaranteed. 

Fresh fruits and vegetables are directly delivered to the customer in very little time.

No queues at check-out counters

No one likes to stand in a queue at the checkout counters. Because it is the most irritating part of grocery stores. After spending a lot of time picking all the things. By using on-demand grocery delivery apps, payment is easy within a blink of a minute by credit, debit card, and various online wallet services.

Grocery Journey

Most of the people visit groceries on weekends and due to these visits sometimes weekends are eaten up.

These apps save money and time and allow shopping at any time and delivery to doorstep according to their preferred time. It saves transportation money too.


The first thing that you can order anytime from anywhere.delivery is also according to your preferred slots.

Customers easily found their products because products are listed in categories.

Ease of payment by credit, debit card, and other online services and cash on delivery option is also available.

Another good thing is they delivered frozen and cold packing processed foods, fresh fruits, and vegetables perfectly. 

• Online Offers and deals are available

When products are listed online, they will get good attention when attractive offers and deals are available on some goods, so people want to buy more and save money.

Most of the people use grocery apps for offers and deals.

• Round the clock service

The service is available 24/7 and you can order anywhere, anytime, and get delivery on your selected time slots.

Key features of grocery mobile apps

There are some points that are shedding light on the features of a grocery app that makes life easy for users.

User Panel

• User profile

• Browse products

• Quick searches

• Wishlist

• Filter option

• Proof of delivery

• Schedule delivery

• Order tracking

• Order history

• Multiple payment options

• Menus /items in stock.

• Offer zone

• Feedback and rating

• Social media login

• Reorder

• My card

• Payment gateway

Admin Panel

• Area selection

• Hassle-free on-boarding

• Manage stores

• Assign manager

• Assign order

• Manage payments

• Push notification

• Geo IP location

• QR scan

• Customer support

Delivery Panel

• Accept or Reject the delivery request

• Track customer location on the map

• In-app chat/ In-app calling

• Get delivery confirmation

Top on-demand grocery delivery apps in India

• Big basket

• Grofers

• Zop now

• Nature’s basket

• The prime pantry

• Aaram shop

• Bazaar cart

• Ondoor

• Big mart

• Naturally yours

• Foodzu

• RedMart