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7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Website

Now a days everyone looks  online before they actually go and buy something. This has happened mainly due to awareness & easy accessibility to internet & this only going to increase with mobile & internet penetration. 

7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Website

Tuesday March 21, 2017,

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Recent study has shown that 68% of people make a search before they buy.
A Famous Quote by Bill Gates
A Famous Quote by Bill Gates

The number of smartphone users have grown significantly and so has the users with access to internet. Now its high time for businesses of every scale whether its small, medium or big to understand this & join the digital revolution. Here are 7 reasons why a business should make sure that they have an online Identity.

1. To Get found when someone search

Your business need to have an online presence in order to get found by their target audience/customers when they are looking for a product/service. Most of the people search online before they make a decision to buy something. If you have a business website then there are higher chances that you will be discovered via search and people may end up contacting/inquiring your business about certain product/service they are looking for or are planning to buy.

2. To Get More Leads

Business website adds to the number of leads you were getting earlier as its something that you have done additional other than the efforts you were already making. More leads means more business. What else do you want!

3. Educate - Convert - Delight

With a website you can educate people about your product/service. You can tell them the features, benefits and what not. Once he/she gets to know about your business there are higher chances of him/her getting converted into a customer. Once they become your customer you can delight them with timely offers, newsletters or can tell them about new launches. 

4. To Showcase Clients

A website provides you the platform to tell the world about the clients that you have. This adds to the trust and people are more likely to trust you. Also you can add Rewards and Recognition as it would add to the credibility.

5. To Tell Users Why Your Product/Service is Better?

You can tell people about the features of your Product/Service & why is it better than others in the market. This helps them make a decision & if your product has got good features in the same or a bit higher price they are surely going to go with you.

6. To Show User Feedback/Review 

We are human and most of the times we trust what others say and feel about something. This exactly implements to your business. What your existing/past customer say about your product/service matters. So business website is also a good place to show customer feedback/review. But we must not fake it. Its advisable to have right feedback & having customer reviews alongwith their name, designation & a picture makes it more trustworthy. 

7. To Provide Customer Service

Your business website is also a great place to provide Customer Service. You can do this by educating them with blog posts, assisting people via live chat, or customers can tell their issues via contact form that your website has. There are many more more ways like adding adding a "Get a Call Back" button etc which can be used on website to better the customer support. A good customer support is beginning to a better business.


Every Business needs customer to grow and online is where the customers are. So don't delay any further & get a conversion optimized website for your business. 

So… why does my Business need a website? 

Can you think of a couple of reasons why not? It wouldn’t be a balanced argument if you don’t. Let me know your thoughts on this.