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Task Tusker

The one stop shop for oddjobs in India

Task Tusker

Saturday November 26, 2016,

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Task Tusker is a "one of a kind" micro freelancing platform where anybody and everybody can help their neigbors with their daily chores and earn few bucks doing so.

I am a typical Indian middle bloke, who grew up with little or no amenities. During my teenage years, any need beyond "absolute necessity" was a struggle to fulfill. Be it money for that movie you wanted to watch in the theater or a T-shirt you set your eyes on; everything required a rationale before you get the money granted. I always wondered how awesome it would be, if we had a way to make that extra pocket money, like they do in the western movies, by simply doing odd jobs or chores. 

With the passing years, I moved on to graduate from MIT and then go on to do a full time MBA. Post my academics, I landed a job in multi-national that sucked me into the hustle and bustle of corporate life in Mumbai. As I moved up the ladder my responsibilities became left me with very little persoanl time. Weekends would be spent recuperating from the week's work onslaught or , even worse, prepping up for the next one.hardly had time to press my clothes, polish my shoes,wash my clothes, cook food etc. Long story short, it was then I wished if I had a helping hand who could help me whenever I required such help.

And one day (late 2015), as if like a flash of brilliance, I figured why not create an eco-system that brings both the parties - the task giver and the task performer - together. That way, you are helping one community of people who are bogged down with chores to get their stuff done at negligible cost while bring a smile on those financially deprived ones to earn that extra buck. Thus began the germination of our platform - TASK TUSKER. 

To give a snap shot of our platform:

Our START UP – www.tasktusker.com is registered as tasktusker solution private limited.

What is Task Tusker?

Task Tusker is a community application primarily focused on catering to odd job services. In other words, we are a P2P platform that connects individuals/organization who can perform odd jobs to individuals/organization who require such services “on demand”- real time.

What do we call these people mentioned above?

TUSKERS: People/organization who perform odd job for pocket money/alternate source of income.

SEEKERS: People/organization who outsource chores or menial tasks.

How does Task Tusker work?

Task Tusker is a seamless mobile/desktop application that provides “seekers” easy access to countless “tuskers” based on the location, type of task, cost and time slot.

What is in it for TUSKERS?

As a tusker you will be able to provide source of income for your resources or yourself based on the tasks done. The task tracker helps consolidate completed tasks against their rates which then gets reflected on the dashboard you will have access to. You will be able to redeem the consolidated amount either through wire transfer or cheque.

What is in it for SEEKERS?

Short lead times of service delivery (request to consumption) at affordable cost and hassle free transaction.

What is our USP?

Over the other players in this space, we have the following benefits:

- On demand / real time service delivery for odd jobs – which is currently the untapped market in India

- P2P model – greater community reach and depth of services

- Cost competitive business model

- Merchant app- Alternate revenue stream for registered home services

- Scalability – Potential to tap unorganized service sectors

Currently, we have 100+ tuskers registered from Bangalore alone and in talks with signing up with few merchants to leverage our platform for promoting their services

To connect with us , please drop us a mail at [email protected]



Founder (Task Tusker)