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Guide on how to take printout of Emails in MBOX File with attachment

The post illustrates an accurate solution to directly print MBOX files with attachments. It is just a 2 major step procedure that can be implemented without any technical guidance. 

Guide on how to take printout of Emails in MBOX File with attachment

Thursday June 22, 2017,

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No matter how much the technology upgrades, email communication is still considered as a safe and fastest means for communication. And whenever one discusses about mailing, its clients automatically comes into notice. There are many email clients available in the internet arena and they are categorized in two parts : desktop-based and web-based. Web email applications store their messages on respective cloud whereas, desktop mailing programs create a storage file locally. A popularly known email format is MBOX file, saving emails with attachment of its primary email clients. Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Entourage, PocoMail, Earth Link, MailCopa. Eudora Mail etc., all these application supports MBOX file.

The most crucial part of an email client program is its email messages or folders. Lets think of it, email plays a vital role in professional as well as personal field. Not even a single person will afford losing of important emails. Thus, even though people are having messages with them but, it is mandatory to print MBOX file. This will help in creating backup of MBOX file with attachment and benefit users by making file portable for multiple use.


What Generate Need to Save MBOX to PDF?

It is important to export MBOX files to PDF because a .mbox file cannot be operated on multiple operating system. Therefore, they need to be exported to Adobe portable document, making it portable and easy-to-use. There are uncountable benefits provided for a PDF file user and some of them are listed below:

• PDF file is more secure than that of MBOX, facilitating users to implement password-protection on confidential messages.

• A legal person can use PDF format as evidence to be presented in the court. It can also be used on medical platforms for different use.

• An Adobe PDF file can easily be used as attachment of an email message. Without modification in content, entire messages will be mailed to recipient.

• It is independent of the operating system and can flawlessly get opened on electronic portable devices like smartphone, tablets, iPhone, iPad, etc.

Way to Take Printout of Emails in MBOX File with Attachment

It is difficult to open and read an orphan MBOX file, which is disconnected from its primary profile. This might be a situation where an individual is having MBOX file and he / she wants to take printout of its messages, for some use. If MBOX compatible program is absent then, it is impossible to view emails and print them.

There are now only 2 options left :

1. First one is to download, install, and work with a MBOX compatible app, which permit users to read data.

2. Second one is to go for products available in online market for exporting MBOX to PDF. This will act as medium to take print of those PDF documents.

What to Choose?

Choosing the first solution might prove itself worth only if you have to take printout of emails without attachment. This procedure requires proper installation of an email program with the extra add-on feature to take printout. It is impossible to have a hard copy of selective emails through this technique. Apart from all this, a lot of time investment is required with knowledge about particular mail program at expertise level.

On the contrary to all this, selection of an online product is a direct solution to save MBOX emails as PDF and then, take their printout. This workaround consumes less time and equips with facility to take printout with attachment.

Right Away Solution to Export MBOX to PDF:

Here is the list of all advantages for using MBOX to PDF Wizard:

• Rapidly convert multiple MBOX files in batch

• Save MBOX emails as PDF simultaneously

• Single PDF is created for each MBOX file email

• Export emails with their respective attachments

• Holds email formatting with its meta properties

• Attachments are kept intact throughout process

The MBOX to PDF Wizard is an easy-to-use solution, enabling non-technical users to access it. A novice user can save MBOX emails as PDF with attachment and then, take its printout for official / personal use.


Even though there are manual ways to export MBOX file to PDF but, they are not technically adept to work with them. It is so because the workaround does not export emails with attachments. Therefore, a quick, precise, and safe workaround to take printout is MBOX to PDF wizard. This approach permit users to export MBOX file to PDF with attachment and hence, take printout of those portable documents.