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How entrepreneurs can focus on social media

How entrepreneurs can focus on social media

Thursday September 21, 2017,

8 min Read


As businesses are going digital first and the competition is growing faster each day. Business owners should immediately start working on their social media presence. No matter what is the industry type and what is the company size, most of your customers are spending their time online to find out about products, services, rates, and reviews and doing comparisons before buying anything. As digital is now occupying lion share of your media spends, you should get a little deeper into it.So that even if you are hiring an agency or deploying a team; you will be able to make informed decisions.

Apart from a direct promotions perspective, Entrepreneurs shall keep a wider focus on how they can use Social Media for different benefits.

Here are few good reasons for Entrepreneurs to use Social Media

Personal Branding: Founders are the face of the brands. Your products or services are certainly been reviewed or judged based on who you are. Hence it's utmost important to build ‘Brand YOU’ first.

Plan your Social Presence wisely: Come up with ways to build your brand persona in the digital world. Your shared content, views, shares are being read by many eyes and that basically builds your persona.

For example, if you are a Founder of a digital agency, write some articles which talk about your experiences, advancements of digital, automation techniques etc. You can also share your some case-studies of how the digital growth hacks could give a multifold success to your clients.

Growing Networks with investors: Social media gives an opportunity to reach out not just to your customers but to the investors too. The investors do a lot of study of the business and the business owner before investing. Your social media profile will leave an impression on them and of course, a good profile will make the investors be interested in your affairs. There is a multitude of online networking platforms where you can create your profiles and connect with investors. You can also use Twitter/LinkedIn to establish a direct connection with investors.

Spreading your company culture: Social media has made it easy to share pictures, videos and all sort of content. It is a good platform to promote you hr culture across the world.Being a founder, you are being viewed by future employees/customers before hiring your agency. Make sure that things that you share on social media are morally accepted and show values and culture that you and your employees follow.

Social media can be the best way of developing your business. How to use different social media platforms productively:

• Twitter: Many of the companies fail to take full benefit of Twitter for branding purposes. Surely you want to use Twitter to promote your products and services. But if that's all you share, and if you share them repeatedly, your customers might get bored of this promotional stuff and unfollow your page. Give them something different with your marketing campaigns may be some personalized posts that ensure customers engagement also links to the interesting, useful online articles

• Facebook: Facebook is used by more than half of the world’s online population, and the number will increase in coming years.Your Facebook page should look thoughtful and be symbolic of your brand, business, or anything that you want to promote. Your business page can often be effective if you are ready to put some money in paid campaigns as this is the foremost source of revenue for Facebook

• BlogSpot: Some quality content on your blogging page will keep visitors coming back to your site persistently. Just keep the consistency in your blog posts.

• Instagram: Via other trending social media networks like Snapchat, Instagram and Tumblr you can make social connections with your customers. You can post stories on Instagram and snapchat, this is one of the popular social media trends. People tend to watch stories more than the posts.

• LinkedIn: Entrepreneurs can use Linkedin for getting in touch with other entrepreneurs and professionals who can be beneficial in terms of business expansion. LinkedIn is the largest network of professionals around the world.

But how to use all these social media platforms effectively, here are some tips to get most of the online channels.

Build your content strategy:

Quality content is the key to get more visitors on your blogging page. People will visit your page more often if they like what you have written so tray to keep the content interesting, engaging and original. Provide context wise real-time examples and also include the study based statistics in the content. And most importantly do not forget to share this content with relevant images on your social media accounts. In order to make the most of your digital media marketing, build a content plan first with these resources:

Form your own brand with the help of Social Media; although you are busy in meetings and other stuff make some time for social media. Take a look on some of these blogs:

Reasons to use social media: This is where you will get to know the various applications of ‘social media posts by entrepreneurs.’

Social Media Marketing Intro: If you are new to social media then this is the right place to get the overview on using social media for your business.

Real-Time Marketing: "Real-time marketing" is what helps you to increase the awareness of your brand. Here's the blog where you can learn the tactics to imply a real time marketing boost to your business.

Social Media Influence: Map Your Allies: A dynamic initial step to get better achievements through social media is to find out the ways to reach out to your target audience. Here's what you need to know.

Social Media Influence: Content Strategy –Building up the right content strategy is one of the crucial tasks. You have to be very creative to develop the content which is engaging.

General business tips for social media.

While each business is distinctive and your explicit strategy will conclude how to best proceed for optimal outcomes, here are a few general tips that relate to just beneficial for any entrepreneur who wants to optimize social media:

 Build a community. For long-term progress and success, the best thing you can do is develop that provide your organization additional exposure and support brand awareness. While this won't happen immediately, a persistent investment over many months and years will pay off.

 Listen more than saying: The major error you can make on social media is spending all of your time on talking. Your attention should be on listening to your followers and storing treasured opinion. When used properly, social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter fundamentally help as ongoing focus groups for your organization.

Try out something new: Do not blindly follow others. It's okay to experiment and try new things. As far as what you're doing doesn't affect your brand's integrity, give it a try!

And at the end do not forget to track your success.

Set your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) ahead of time while planning your personal or company social media promotions. Even if you are hiring an agency, it makes a lot of sense to pre-define the KPI’s so that you can evaluate if you are really getting into right direction.

So let's say, if you are focused on content marketing, You can improve your social media content strategy significantly if you know what content is working. Keep the track of some of the posts that you think are the good ones and then at the end of the month you can report which performed the best and why

If you follow this practice you will get an idea about what types of posts your visitors tend to like. And then you will be able to come up with a strong strategy that will assure success by eliminating those posts which have not worked well. You can use many insights applications to perform this research. These applications give more precise and detailed information about the people’s activities on your page.

So you might find that the unique 360 VR video you posted got the most likes or comments. Or maybe it did not work as expected. But you will get know that how it performed.

It’s very easy to get insights on Facebook. Facebook has its own insights tool which is easily accessible to the page admin. Whenever you post anything on Facebook identify its performance using Facebook Insights. It gives you the detailed information about the performance your post. You can make the necessary changes if the post is not working well; also these stats are useful in creating future posts that will ensure more engagement.


Social media is so much benefit in terms of establishing well customer relationship and it is much more than what it was a few years back. The increasing number of business owners who have understood the importance of social media shows its potential to expand a business. Make your social media strategy clear and implement it properly. There are many tools available in the market to have effective and result in oriented growth hacking techniques.

Executing right strategies will surely help you to grow your business. Social media benefits can be enjoyed more if you make your social media profile well-structured and include high-quality images and well-written as well as grammatically correct content.