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Instagram – powerhouse for influencer marketing

With the use of Instagram for influencer marketing and well-optimized strategies & campaigns advertise and showcase business products to new target audience.

Instagram – powerhouse for influencer marketing

Thursday June 07, 2018,

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The rising growth of social media has prompted the ascent of the influencer marketing, all social media platforms have already absorbed it in. Influencer marketing is so far the most efficient way to market your products and services. 

Instagram, is one of the most advertised places to showcase your product. It is a place where you can showcase your product image with the help of the creative ideas from influencers easily, and that is why Influencer Marketing has evolved itself to grow on Instagram rapidly.

Why does a business need an Instagram Influencer Marketing Strategy?

When it comes to influencer marketing, Instagram is one of the best platforms for brands to partner with influencers. Social media marketing agencies believe that using Instagram for business is important for the following reasons:

It removes the barrier of traditional advertising and introduces your brand to a new audience via a trustworthy source, your influencer partner.

Highest Engagement Rate – It has an average engagement of about 3.21% while other platforms have an average of 1.5%.

Growth – 71% of businesses now use Instagram because of its strong mobile functionality, powerful management tools and ease of communication.

Suitability – It is a fairly young platform where 59% of the users are 18-20-year-olds, helping you reach out to the upcoming generation.

Variety Of Interest – You can always find the perfect influencer within a specific niche, which helps you target the right kind of people.

Identifying the right influencers for your brand is very important. If there’s one thing in mind, it’s that; not every Instagram influencer is going to be right for your brand. You might just get tempted to choose an influencer with the largest amount of followers or someone who generates the highest number of likes and comments but unless their goals and brand image aren’t aligned with yours, it would not be showing the results you would be expecting. The right influencers would be the ones with:

Similar target audience

An influencer whose image is already representative of what your brand wants to portray.

Now that you know about the importance of Instagram Marketing, agencies excelling in social media marketing in Mumbai have compiled a list of best practices that you can utilize to optimize the use of Instagram for Influencer Marketing.

1. Define Your Goal – It’s important to define what success looks like to you in order to properly execute the campaign and measure the effectiveness of your campaign

2. Define Your Performance Metrics – You need to figure out and define the key performance metrics with which you can measure the success of your campaign and see what metrics are relevant to your goal.

3. Look For Ideal Influencers – Look for influencers that match your brand and make sure their audience is similar to the one you are looking to target.

4. Execute Campaigns That Fit Your Goal – One of the most frequently asked questions is ‘How to use Instagram For Marketing?’ There are many different types of campaigns that can be executed on Instagram. It could be a sponsored post that features your product or a simple brand mention or a review. There are endless options, one must be clear as to which campaign would be the best for accomplishing their goal.

5. Track Your Results – After executing your Instagram influencer marketing campaign, you must ensure that the campaign is delivering results so you know whether or not your investments are paying off.


Here are some examples of brands that have successfully executed Instagram Influencer Marketing:

1. Sprint

Influencers – Lele Pons, Gerard Adams, Prince Royce, Bradley Martyn, Rachel Cook

2. Fiji Water

Influencer – Danielle Bernstein

3. H&M

Influencers – Julie Sarinana, ElaVelden

4. GAP

Influencers – Refinery29, Celebrity Blogs

5. Glossier

Influencer – All Women

Instagram Influencer Marketing can have a powerful effect, but, it does need to be done right. So decide how you want to benefit from it, as long as you and your influencer are doing teamwork, and engaging influencers, don’t be afraid to accept criticism and suggestion both from your team and the audience.