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JobSmart: Automated Screening Candidates, Solution or Threat?

JobSmart: Automated Screening Candidates, Solution or Threat?

Friday December 02, 2016,

4 min Read

Say goodbye to a bundle of CV you have to screen. Cause now you can screen candidates automatically. There is a technology to help you screening candidates. The more fast recruitment process, the bigger possibilities for company to get the right candidate , and also for recruiter to get promoted.

So it’s a good technology, right?

But some recruiter thinks this technology will replace their job, cause almost the whole job of recruiter will be done by system. Start from collect candidates from some job search and help them to find the best candidate.

But some recruiter thinks this technology will replace their job, cause almost the whole job of recruiter will be done by system. Start from collect candidates from some job search and help them to find the best candidate.

Dear recruiter, you don’t have to worry, cause this system is made not for replace your job, but to help. You still have your power do make a decision. Accept or reject candidates still under your control cause system will help recruiter to make decision without a doubt.

How JobSmart help recruiter?

First, recruiter should invite candidate they have from job search to follow JobSmart screening process. Recruiter also can make job vacancy at http://www.jobsmart.co.id/id/employer, but it would be better if you invite your candidates you’ve got from another job search. Definitely companies want to get the best candidates from the best. The more candidate they have will be better, cause it means company have a lot of choices and JobSmart system will pick the best one for you from that possibilities.


The bigger number of candidates who apply on your job vacancy, makes it harder for recruiter to screen them. That’s why JobSmart have features that help recruiter to screen candidate. All you have to do is invite candidates and let JobSmart screen them.

Learn from the past, know the candidate personality well.

95% company got bad hiring because they don’t know their candidate personality well. That’s mean, recruiter should know candidate character and personality well. But, doing personality test for candidate is complicated, and wasting time, so JobSmart make it simple.

Every candidate should complete personality test from JobSmart online to apply your job vacancy. So, you don’t have to invite them to do personality test to your office, cause they already do it online and we’ll send their personality result to you. So, simple right?

It’s like you watch the trailer before watch the whole movie.

Recruiter can feel the new experience of recruitment, cause JobSmart have a video interview. Recruiter can watch the candidate video before invite them to meet them in real. By video, recruiter not only judge candidates based on their paper of static picture, but with video, recruiter can see their body language, intonation, and their spirit.


This feature could see before recruiter invite candidates to the next step of recruitment, so it’s like watching the trailer before watch the full movie on cinema. So, when you meet the candidate in real, you don’t feel disappointed or shock because the candidates doesn’t like what you think before.

Also, screening candidate with video will make you feeling good. The fact is watching video will increase your happiness and spirit. Interesting right? So you can do your refresh your self while doing your job.

Just one click to find what you need.

Not only that, if you’re too busy to read their personality test or watch their video, you can use SmartPick, a feature to help you screen them by your own criteria. So you just put the number and criteria of candidate you need, and click smartpick. Voila, we’ll give you recommendation of candidates who match with your criteria in a second.

We give you recommendation, and let you make a decision. So, you as a recruiter still do your job to choose the right candidate you want to hire, and JobSmart help you to do the long process of recruitment in a flash.

What are you waiting for? Register and try how JobSmart will help you to find best candidates faster.