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Snippets on Entrepreneurship

“Dil mein chaah, to niklegi raah.”

Snippets on Entrepreneurship

Sunday March 05, 2017,

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Once you have decided to embark yourself on the path of becoming an Entrepreneur, there will be lots of novels and books to guide you, but one may not be able to recall all those information, so here is the snippet on entrepreneurship, some lines from the book Stay Hungry Stay Foolish, which might help you to sail the boat of entrepreneurship in different weather conditions of it and reach your destination - 

Always have the urge to create something, do something different.

Entrepreneurship is a little bit like surfing. If you got knocked off by that last killer wave, you somehow cling on and stay afloat. Then, you spot the next wave in the distance and this time you ride it.

Entrepreneurship is risky. So you should have a mindset, should be prepared to fail. If you are not prepared to fail and can't handle failure then this is not your cup of tea.

In Entrepreneurship, networks are very important. Because networks give you credibility, they give you the access. It still means you have to do your job, but at least it opens the door.

Entrepreneurship is an itch. The only ointment which soothes it is work. Lots and lots of it! And it must be interesting, intensive and audacious.

You don’t wait for someone to step forward and ‘support’ your idea. You simply go out there and make it happen.


You believe in a product, never give it up. You will succeed. It may take time, it will cost money.

The limits are in your thinking. The impossible is what you believe cannot be done.

Chaos is nice because that is what challenges you.

Never advertise about your turnovers. Always advertise that we take up solutions for the customer. And the customers will respect those solutions.

Remember, You are more than your visiting card or salary slip.


Take the baby steps and you will eventually learn how to run the full marathon!

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