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ProsperX - Makes Online Investment Simpler and Personalized

ProsperX - Makes Online Investment Simpler and  Personalized

Monday February 27, 2017,

3 min Read

Saurabh Goel and Vivek Madhukar have together seen more than 35 years of revolution in Internet space. They were doing great in their professional lives with cushy jobs and a good work life balance to spend some quality time with families and friends.

A casual discussion about their own virtually non-existent investment portfolio and that too liquid, provoked them to dig further. Talking to various colleagues and relatives, they realized that bad investment decisions was not limited to their own selves.

The problem is at the grass root level and arises due to complex nature of investment products and low awareness among people in general. Most of the products are sold via intermediaries who are not perceived to be trustworthy because of gaps in knowledge and service standards.

While the HNIs get access to top advisory services to grow their money, the same quality of service is not affordable for normal users. Hence they end up either investing in wrong products or not investing at all (money keeps lying in banks earning even less than inflation).

They decided to solve this problem using Data Science & Machine Learning and Power of community which brings trust and confidence in user’s mind before going for investments. And all these services 100% Free for all the users.

It was June 2016, they took up a mission of solving the way users plan their investments, with the help of Technology, which they coined as “ProsperX” - Prosperity Multiplier.

ProsperX founders at NASSCOM 10000 startups warehouse lab @ Sector 126, Noida <br>

ProsperX founders at NASSCOM 10000 startups warehouse lab @ Sector 126, Noida

However, a lot of players are already there in the market, but still users are not confident in investing their hard earned money into Mutual Funds. Instead of relying purely either on Technology or on Industry Expert, ProsperX took the hybrid approach:

Trust of Data Science

Convenience of Online platform

Personalized Attention through the Industry Expert

"One can browse ProsperX( website, see their personalized plan and assure themselves with the dedicated industry expert before starting their investment. We provide all this service 100% free and we rely on our data science algorithm for recommending the best products. We will give every user personalized attention, and allocate a dedicated advisor who will help you at every step of investment.” says Vivek Madhukar, Ex-COO of Times Business Solutions(A Times Internet Limited Company), who earlier led, and to provide solutions to millions of users for Job, Marriage and House.

“Every user is important and we focus strongly on your experience throughout the journey. We provide the best product based on your profile and recommend to begin with investment no matter the amount. We allow user to engage with industry expert on demand, even if your plan of investment amount is 1000 rupees .” says, Saurabh Goel, An alumnus of IIT Delhi, who earlier worked in leadership roles at,,, and One97, is passionate about building products which delights consumer experience.

ProsperX provides you power to invest confidently with 3 distinguished reasons to smile:

Personalized Attention - Dedicated Expert at every step of your investment journey

Right Recommendations using our automated Algorithm

Simple, Convenient & Fully Online

Investment is one of the key points of discussion among the people and this gives an opportunity to young entrepreneurs to come up with some solution, which not only ease the process of investment, also provide trust on the technology to solve the one of the critical problem in finance sector. It’s a new technology trend and future will decide who is going to win the user's’ trust to sustain in the market.