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Best-ever chicken recipes loved by foodies

One of the reasons why Indian food is famous all around the world is the use of aromatic spices in the food that makes the Indian dishes an absolute treat to eat. For all non-vegetarians, chicken cooked with desiflavour is like a dream come true. 

Best-ever chicken recipes loved by foodies

Tuesday August 22, 2017,

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The reason why chicken is favoured is not only the taste, but also numeroushealth benefits. Various foreigners have travelled India just to know how to make chicken salami at home. Nowadays skinned chicken is more preferred than the normal chicken because chicken’s skin contains a lot of fats.

Check out some of the most exciting chicken dishes that will surely light up for evenings:

1. TeekhaMurg: This is for the ones who are spicy food fans. Tender chicken topped with fiery masala is like the most favoured dish in the Northern part of India.

2. Butter Chicken: This one comes straight from the kitchens in Punjab. This dish is an everyday thing in Punjab. With a topping of a lot of butter and cooked in tomato gravy this dish is arguably an all-timefavourite of all chicken lovers. Butter Chicken is served with Naans and RumaaliRotis.

3. Chicken Salami: Chicken Salami is one of the hot-picks for chicken lovers. This mouth-watering recipe when topped with onions, tomatoes and mushrooms taste yum. The biggest advantage is it is very easy to learn how to make chicken salami as salami can be used for making salami sandwiches which can be a great healthy breakfast or an evening snack.

4. Tandoori Chicken: This is the mother of all chicken recipes which hails its roots from the Mughal era. This is a compulsory chicken starter for chicken lovers, and it comes in various variants like grill drumsticks, kebabs, or boneless fillets.

5. Kerala Chicken Roast: It’s not that chicken is loved only in Northern part of India. It is equally loved by the people in South India as well, and this dish comes right from the kitchen in Kerala. Marinated Chicken is cooked and blended with masalas from the ‘land of spices.' It can be served with Rice.

6. AmritsariMurghMakhani: You can’t keep Punja away from a chicken recipe, can you?. The reason why Chicken is a Punjabi cuisine favourite is that of the most prized Punjabi chicken dishes that are available in Punjab. This recipe will definitely go well with all chicken lovers. Boneless chicken pieces slathered with tomato gravy and topped with cream is too good a dish to be missed out on.

7. Chicken Lollipop: This is one of the most delicious chicken recipes which are served as a starter. This is originally an Indo Chinese dish which serves as a great appetizer. Chicken lollipops while having with friends takes you back to your lovely childhood days when you along with your friends enjoyed sucking lollipops and waiting for others to finish it before you. 

Chicken Recipes 

Chicken Recipes