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Marketing your content

Basics on content marketing

Marketing your content

Tuesday December 12, 2017,

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So let's get real! Not everything you do in the marketing world is going to have an ROI. Some of the best tricks that you might pull out of your pandora's box might be your worst failures. And finding the right marketing strategies is a real pain in the backside. Content marketing and social media marketing on the other hand somehow seem to work as one of the best marketing strategies.

However, finding the right content is again not easy especially for a newbie like me, it's the worst. Nevertheless, in the small amount of time that I've spent working as a Marketing executive at a co-working space providing organisation, the following are some of the things that work best when it comes to content regarding social media marketing.

1. Blogging and Guest blogs:- Blogging is one of the best sources to get your business out there. People love to read quality and informative blogs. These don't just work well for your website but also for your social media, especially Facebook; Blogs reach more people and induce engagement with your audience.

2. Events:- Organising events are not just for direct marketing but also act as a quality content of your social media marketing. Everything you create for your event; from your invitation posters to the after party photos induce great engagement.

3. Cross promotions:- find a page with similar content or content related to your page and ask them to post your content and you can do the same for them.

4. Sharing your content on groups and pages that you are a part of helps you reach a bigger audience and generates more engagements.

5. Updates:- when you use the new features of Facebook or Instagram as and when they are updated you instantly reach more audience.


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