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The Best eBay Multi Vendor Clones in India

The best eBay clones you can consider for building your own multi vendor eCommerce store.

The Best eBay Multi Vendor Clones in India

Friday May 06, 2016,

3 min Read

Ebay used to be the world’s best marketplace, that is until Amazon and an army of other ecommerce stores came along and ate into its market share. eBay still has an timeless charm to it. The ecommerce store is an universal destination to find anything ranging from a used laser pointer to the most expensive Jet.

The business model of eBay allows users to list their used products or even start their own online stores with an international reach. Ebay clocks an annual visit crossing 17 millions which amounts to almost 15% of the global online transactions.

That said why should you not take advantage of the massive business benefit that a website like eBay can provide. The good news is that you can build your own eBay like ecommerce website using a clone script. To make things easy for you, I have compiled a list of the best eBay multi vendor clones you can find in the Internet today.

eBay Clone Theme<br>

eBay Clone Theme

Apptha - Built for the global consumer

Apptha ranks top for its impressive array of features. It is a complete solution that is decked with features that every admin can make use to create an exactly identical eBay like multi vendor ecommerce website. It comes equipped state-of-the-art ecommerce features like multiple vendor management, vendor specific URLs, unlimited product listing, commission calculation, faceted navigation, deep linking, geo-location and much more. Check out their homepage to browse through the endless features.

Inoutscripts - Decked with the added advantage of several add-ons

The eBay clone from inoutscripts offers to create an online shopping cart system based store with multiple vendors, brands, product categories and much in a jiffy. Unlimited product additions is a the most noteworthy features of inoutscripts ebay clone. Additional benefits of the ebay clone script include single page checkout, coupon generation, guest checkout, multiple brands, gift wrapping, vendor’s own pages, revenue & inventory management.

Zoplay - user friendliness takes the form of a digital store

That’s right. Zoplay scores high on user experience. The ebay clone script seems to be sculpted to give the best user experience that will inspire customers to buy more and more without an end. The eBay clone script is an ideal choice for anyone who want to create a multivendor ecommerce store with unlimited product category listing, seller management, advanced search options, online payment integrations (PayPal, Authorize.net, etc).

Ncrypted eBay lone - 100% customizable clone script packed with features

The eBay clone script from Ncrypted comes with extensive control panel settings for both frontend and back-end controls. Admin can exercise complete control over the store through customizations. The HTML based templates are easy to alter even for those with minimal technical knowledge. As a multivendor ecommerce store script, the notable features of Ncrypted eBay clone includes scalable architecture, big volumes handling capacity, multiple payment gateways and SEO friendly URLs.

Agriya eBay clone script - Building ecommerce website made easier

Agriya’s eBay clone script was built to stave off the problems that entrepreneurs face when they want multiple customizations in an already deployed ecommerce multi vendor script. The clone script is completely customizable and can even be integrated with third party scripts or extensions. It offers impressive scalability along with the facility to set up multiple seller listing and management. Agirya also allows admins to earn revenue from multiple sources like AdSense, listing fee, commission, featured products, website commissions, etc.

FInal Words

All said, now it is your turn to make a choice of an eBay clone script that will launch your dream ecommerce store. Pick any from above, they are guaranteed to give you the best features you can ask for. Good Luck!