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Valentine’s Day Flowers Say More Than You Think- Let’s Discover!

Valentine’s Day Flowers Say More Than You Think- Let’s Discover!

Friday January 27, 2017,

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This Valentine’s Day, you can either go for a traditional bouquet of red roses to present to your beloved or you can go for something he or she is not expecting. Well, with this, we want to say that instead of those long-stemmed and not-so-rare red roses pick flowers that can truly convey your feelings to your valentine.

The trend of conveying feelings with flowers dates back to the Victorian times when people were too shy to use words, especially when it comes to expressing your heart to a special someone. Despite of the price, seasonal availability and looks, there are sentiments associated with certain blooms. Even the number of blooms you give expresses a particular meaning to the recipient.

No matter what, Valentine’s Day is the day when flowers and their bouquets become the most desirable gifts for your beloved. It is the day, when not only the color and number of the Valentine’s Day flowers but also flower arrangements for Valentines Day matters.

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Below are the meanings of different flowers, you can give to a loved one as Valentine’s Day flower gifts.

Red roses- Red roses are considered as classic and the best flowers for valentines day for loved ones. They represent love, romance and passion. If you are giving a bouquet of red roses, make sure you stand behind their true sentiments.

White roses- White roses, because of their representation for purity and innocence are used in weddings. They represent true love and hence are preferred flowers for valentine’s day.

Yellow roses- Yellow roses represent friendship and thus, are a great choice for buddies on Valentine’s Day.

Pink roses- Like yellow rose, pink roses also represents love, but perhaps less passionate implied by a bouquet of red roses. Their lighter shades are also associated with giving thanks and admiration.

Orchids- Orchids are famous as delicate blooms. They are extremely pretty and convey a flattering sentiment. Buy these flowers for Valentines day to ensure your Valentine gifts lasts for longer duration.

Tulips- Tulips acts as a great Valentine day gifts for those special ones in your life. While pink tulips represent care, red tulips mean love. Yellow tulips tell the recipient that you are head over heels for them. If you are looking for a great Valentine flowers delivery service and of course, superb Valentine’s Day gifts, IGP.com is the best bet you can go with.

Carnations- Carnations are the best flower choices and an appropriate gift for Valentine’s Day. They are quite lovely when given in a right arrangement. When it comes to same day Valentines flowers delivery, IGP.com is the place to rely upon.

Hope the above given information will help you in selecting the best Valentine’s day gift for your beloved and this time, you can go for flowers other than red roses. IGP.com is the most renowned website known for delivering Valentine’s day flower online anywhere in India.

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