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Top 5 Cars Just Released

Are you looking for the perfect car to lease, is your lease term up and you want another car or are you just looking to upgrade? Check out these cars just released for car leasing. 

Top 5 Cars Just Released

Thursday December 08, 2016,

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These cars each offer something different and outshines the competition in their class. The reliability, road-testing, comfort, performance and more is all taken into consideration when the top cars are displayed. Extensive research goes into the selection of the top models yearly this so many new ones being released. If you are looking for the perfect car, these are the ones that stand out from the rest.


Subaru Forester for Car Leasing

This stunning SUV has so much to offer. It is a truly great option for a family car as it offers comfort, new technology, and low gas mileage. It is fitted with a manual transmission and shifting is as easy as eating pie. The engine is strong and delivers the right power when needed, comes in standard and turbo. This SUV is good in any weather conditions as it is fitted with AWD.

Pros of the Subaru Forester

• Spacious interior

• Top rated suspension

• Substantial cargo hold

• Comfortable

• X-mode system

• HD Radio system

• Modern infotainment system

• High-level safety features

• Fuel economic

• Good ROI

Cons of the Subaru Forester

• With the turbo engine, the manual gearbox is not available

• Only safety feature missing is the blind-spot monitor

Mazda MX-5 Miata for Car Leasing

This sweet ride is surely a must have for all those who consider themselves sport car fans. It is an amazing piece of art with dynamic detail inside and out. It comes in a variety of colors such as Arctic white, Soul red, Jet black and Metallic ceramic. It offers smooth driving even at high speeds and is fitted with a 6-speed manual sports transmission.

Pros of the Mazda MX-5 Miata

• Perfect handling

• Sleek and sexy exterior appeal

• Adjustable steering

• Keyless entry

• High-tech communication system

• Comfortable and sophisticated interior

• Fuel efficient

• Modern entertainment system

• Top safety features

Cons of the Mazda MX-5 Miata

• Cargo area is small

• Only available in four colors

• Only seats two people

Chevrolet Silverado for Car Leasing

Chevrolet got it all right with this pick-up truck. Whether you prefer the single or double cab will not make a difference as both offer astounding looks and superior built. This truck is perfect for frequent drivers and can carry a great load with ease. Select your engine preference from the v-6 or v-8 for more power. Get it with the standard 6-speed transmission or the 8-speed.

Pros of the Chevrolet Silverado

• Fuel economic

• Modern infotainment system combined with Apple Car-Play

• Spacious and comfortable cab

• Family-friendly and more than enough legroom

• Luxurious interior and exterior

• Exceptional terrain handling

• Top graded safety features

Cons of the Chevrolet Silverado

• Not available in diesel

• No manual transmission option

Honda CR-V for Car Leasing

The Honda CR-V is a compact SUV that has abundant benefits to offer. The engine fitted in this SUV supplies remarkable power and smooth acceleration. A good car for day-to-day use, long rides and weekend trips. The Honda CR-V ensures a smooth ride and is very comfortable for the driver and all passengers.

Pros of the Honda CR-V

• Responsive steering and braking

• Modern technology features

• Good cargo space

• 5-Star safety ratings

• Supportive seating

• Efficient on fuel

• Heated mirrors

• Good entertainment system

Cons of the Honda CR-V

• Manual transmission not available

• Only FWD

• No heated seats

Toyota Camry for Car Leasing

Comfort and a pleasurable ride come to mind with this reliable car. It offers greatly improved handling, interior, and features. The enhanced transmission delivers an advanced driving capability. This sedan bids more power with the dependable v-6 engine for hours of driving pleasure.

Pros of the Toyota Camry

• Responsive handling

• Modern interior look

• Voice recognition interface

• Improved dashboard features

• Comfy and spacious seating

• Enhanced safety features

Cons of the Toyota Camry

• Fixed rear headrests

• Lacking a sporty look and feel

• Standard touch screen for infotainment


Get any of the top 5 cars just released for car leasing today and drive in style. These top 5 cars just released has many benefits to offer on leasing or buying. It is always important to know what is available and here it is. Talk to your dealer about the car you want and make your dreams come true.