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5 startups that are rocking on social media

5 startups that are rocking on social media

Thursday December 14, 2017,

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Social media has subsequently spread like wildfire and every brand is competing to enjoy the larger share of this social pie. That being said, even many big brands struggle to establish a strong foothold in the social media landscape while on the other hand, there are some emerging startups who are totally nailing it on social media right from the beginning.

If you are also trying hard to make a mark on social media then do yourself a favor, go through the example of these startups who are totally slaying it on social media.

1. Bloom & Wild

The first on my list is Bloom & Wild (a London based flower subscription service), this fast-growing startup has done a stellar job at social media. In a short-span, the brand has garnered over 100,000 fans across social media and is going stronger. The brand engages its audience effectively by regularly sharing topical and seasonal content from Black Friday to much loved Christmas, there is a piece of content for every celebration.

On their facebook page and twitter account, they actively share customer testimonials, reviews, and even customers are encouraged to share a photograph of the received goods and other happy moments with the product. Besides, they keep coming up with awesome giveaway competitions from time-to-time and hand pick the winner to give a sense of personal customer engagement.

With a product that plays well with the visuals, the company does an amazing job at creating stunning visuals of their product and shares it on Pinterest regularly, and it has increased its audience to a manifold. This is called social media marketing done right. What say?


2. Livelist

Livelist is an incredible app that connects music lovers to the various artists around the internet. Rightly capitalizing on the present live streaming video trend, the app offers an opportunity to the fans to watch their favourite artists when they perform live. The app has built a staunch social media presence and presently enjoys above 10,000 followers on the Facebook followed by 10,500 on Twitter and 2,102 on Instagram. Well, this app already has some amazing content that it keeps promoting such as upcoming and past performances, all details about local shows, tickets to buy, and more, this has further increased their fan base to manifold.


Their followers on social media are continuously rising and as far as startup community is concerned, this social app has certainly entered the hall of fame.

3. Tails.com

Tails is a London based startup that provides tailor-made dog food based on your pet’s nutritional needs. It has done an applaudable job at social media and has been able to garner a staggering over 70,000 followers. The brand has a strong presence across all social channels including Facebook,Twitter, Instagram, and it completely shines in its content marketing strategy that is a good mix of promotional, informative, and visual content.

The brand utilizes Facebook more for sharing customer reviews and testimonials besides maintaining a rich gallery of dog-related photos that are simply adorable & quirky. If that’s not enough, the brand keeps the audience engaged by sharing fresh stream of content on dog related topics. Their dedicated ‘dog blog’ covers a wide variety of topics from dog grooming tips to ways to take care of dogs during the rainy season. Their followers count is increasing by the day and hopefully, by the time I finish this blog, the number won’t be the same.

4. Squatty Potty

Squatty potty as the name suggests is a footstool device designed with an intent to correct toilet-sitting posture of the people. ‘Potty’ at first is somewhat embarrassing and kind of boring subject matter to talk or discuss about but it does not stop the company from pushing the boundaries on social media. The brand enjoys a solid social media presence- credits to its incredible social media marketing strategy.

Their playful & imaginative social presence has won them 208,283 followers on the facebook and over 5,600 followers on the Instagram. One of its video campaigns also went viral- wherein a unicorn is shown pooping ice cream narrated by a man who is dressed up as a knight- pretty impressive! All their posts are creative, witty, clear in their message and can’t help but bring a smile on your face.

5. Magic Leap

Magic Leap, is a U.S based startup, that is coming up with a kind of augmented reality and virtual reality system. Despite keeping their product under the wrap, the company has amassed more than 60,000 likes on their Facebook Page and over 32,000 twitter followers. Certainly, the brand has done a stellar job at marketing itself on the social media platforms.

How the brand is doing it? The company is consistent with their content marketing efforts and shares captivating, thought-provoking and interactive content on their social channels regularly and has created enough interest among its audience to keep them hooked. Their content has surely generated buzz among its future user-base and gives them a teaser of what they can expect next. Overall, following their account generally leaves users with a sense of awe at the limitless potential of technology.

Final Thoughts

What you can learn from these inspiring examples? Whether you are a technology brand or an e-commerce portal capitalizing on the power of social media in the right way is crucial to the success of your online presence.

Don’t just aggressively post content on social media rather for best possible results, rather plan and execute social media campaigns keeping your end users in mind.

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