Facebook messenger app is now available for young children also!

Facebook messenger app is now available for young children also!

Tuesday January 15, 2019,

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Facebook account is restricted to use young kids below 13 years old. But now the Facebook has launched new version of messenger app which can be used by 6 to 12 years old kids. And for this need not to maintain separate account for Facebook. The parents FB account is managed by messenger app which is helpful to kids and parents who are looking to be update in latest technology.

The kids parents will manage messenger apps by their personal account and helps to connect their kids abased on their choice which they are willing to connect with like friends or family.

Messenger app for kids has features like video of kids, text chat also contains filter option to chat and having stickers, Gif's, frames and masks and drawing tools all helpful to enjoy with their friends by expressing in chat with creative contents. The messenger app for kid is available as IOS and android both. The kids can interact with their parents or grand parents or with friends through this app.

Its completely parents controlled app, the kids can't contact new list without approval from the parents Facebook app. By this parents will be relaxed and knowing the things and take care their children's contact by the helps of this app.

How to get updated with this app.

To install this app download from app store and setup the app with parents FB login credentials like user name and password. Enter children's name and can setup process. Once finishing the creation of account the parents to do one thing to get start children contact list is, parents has to go to kids parental control panel from their main Facebook app, click more button from the bottom right corner and then connect to messenger kids in the explore section for adding people to their contact list.

This app is completely below 13 years old kids oriented as parents will look for safe and security. The FB messenger app for kids is implemented with high security and it doesn't contain any ads in it and also never shared your kids information with ads. Its designed with the children's online privacy and protection Act, or COPPA of federal law which protects underage children from exploitation online.

To develop this app took 18 months and Facebook talked about their goal is to create parent oriented kids app because which is useful to kid as well to get update with new technology.

Te messenger kids app is now applicable for US region and expand its in IOS to amazon app store and Google play store in coming years.

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