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Travel Jaunts story

How we started Travel Jaunts- An online travel company that curates & organizes Interest based tours and focuses on the top experiences across interest categories within India and in the world. https://traveljaunts.in

Travel Jaunts story

Thursday July 20, 2017,

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Ours is the story of the Gemini and the Leo. Gemini prefers being always on the move and is a free bird while the Leo needs attention. Gemini hates to be instructed while the Leo can’t help stop back seat driving. And to top it all both demand perfection when it comes to their own whims.There is BeeGees to every Megadeth song, and its rom-coms only competing with non-fiction stories.

The twain shall never have met – but for love of travel and writing. Writing on Leo’s part initially and traveling on Gemini’s part.

Travel is a bug that bites every sun sign. And so we fell; travels were an important part of our courtship. We even executed our own destination wedding – Udaipur – while parents fiddled and Nero tossed in his grave.

Married, the restless Gemini and the lazy Leo (perennial couch surfer over weekends) were at each other’s neck – trying to figure life. Then, work took us to Malaysia for a long stint and changed us, with the way we had to live there. We graduated from being tourists to explorers during our weekend trips, as we visited other south-east Asian countries. The experience really hooked us on to traveling.

Malaysia went, Switzerland arrived. We stayed at Leukerbad – a hot spring village high up in the Alps – and traveling grew upon us, like the Matterhorn. Soon, happiness out of traveling started compensating for everything that we felt was unfair in life.

Then came the Stork and life changed; health dipped and a new manual to live life was handed over. The only solace was going through old pictures and nostalgia. So acute was the wanderlust that as the Sagittarius turned 3 months, we were off. Another travel a month later stretched the elasticity of tolerance. At 11 months in freezing winters, we were touring London, Paris and Amsterdam. Never knew that Sagittarius were so good at travel. Or we made him so?

These travels got us more intimacy, interest, and outlook. The need to capture those moments, what we experienced led to blogging, then clicking and then doing everything that kept the travel alive in our minds.

While it started in 2011 as a personal need, its 6+ years now that our travels are growing with our writing and our writing is growing because of our travels. To take our traveling, photography and writing to a professional level, where others may inspire / benefit from us, we started Travel Jaunts in 2016.

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