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Best pieces of advice from successful business women a young girl could ever receive

Being young is an extraordinary feeling for all girls out there but thinking of their future is a necessary and somehow pleasant process. 

Best pieces of advice from successful business women a young girl could ever receive

Friday March 23, 2018,

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While nobody knows yet at eighteen what they want to do with their lives, some extraordinary advice from extraordinary business women all over the world is certainly well-received by all young females. Choosing a career path, having fun and saving money should be carefully dealt with even at a fragile age. Below are some of the best pieces of advice all young women should know, as described by already successful business women.

Quit following stereotypes

Girls don’t make good engineers/scientist/whatever traditionally manly job stereotype. This is far from being true, this is what out grandmothers were convinced of when they hadn’t had a choice. If you want to become an engineer and you meet the necessary qualities and skills for such a job, go for it. While nobody is deterring women nowadays to get into whatever field they want, there is still a shortage of women in this domain, for instance. Only below 10% of the registered engineers that are in the workforce currently are women (data from across the UK). The world needs the analytical eye and mind of a woman and if they aren’t encouraged to seek such professional paths, the world won’t be enjoying their mind too soon.


Earn their trust

No matter who are we speaking of: clients, collaborators or even competitors, earning somebody’s trust in the business world is the best piece o advice that you will ever receive. And this applies outside the business world as well. As a young female, you will have to put continuous efforts to earn the trust of your professors, bosses’ and even your partner’s. But once you manage this, new opportunities will open for you and new experiences are waiting for you.

Set goals, but be flexible

Success is about being consistent in your actions, but nonetheless, you still need some flexibility in your mindset and most importantly, career path. You may want at this time in your life to end up working in a large corporation, but your vision on life and career might change in time. When that moment comes, don’t be afraid to change your approach by 180 degrees and go for what you dream. Maybe the corporate life is too much for you and you want a successful B & B in Bristol. Don’t be afraid of this, if you want it. If you follow only the career path on which you began your journey, you may end up unsatisfied with your life choices and unhappy.

Never be the smartest person in the room

Especially if you aspire to become a leader or a respected business woman in the future, you most certainly have the habit of making your voice heard and speaking your mind up and loud in a variety of circumstances. But smart business women claim that sometimes, you have to let others steal the spotlight. After all, good leaders show a spotless intelligence, while amazing leaders surround themselves with brilliant minds. You don’t have to exhaust yourself in the search of the best idea, you have to collaborate with all those brilliant minds around you for finding one. This is why you want to never be the smartest women in the room.


Work hard, play hard

Hard work is the cornerstone of all successful careers and businesses. But no matter how hard you want to push your limits, and force your physical and intellectual capabilities, your body still needs a break. Travelling the world might be the best solution for you, as you’ll have the opportunity to encounter different cultures, mentalities, and why not, success stories. When the time doesn’t allow you to travel long distances, local entertainment and relaxation solutions are the best. The owner of the Glanville Guest House claims that at the end of each week, their facility suddenly knows a larger volume of bookings, mainly from local business owners and entrepreneurs, but not only. And as many business experts claim, travelling the world and having frequent vacations with your loved ones as a business person, might, in fact, save your business from difficult times.

Don’t complain that you have plenty of work

Not even while in high school or college, but especially not when you already are in the workforce. Be thankful that you have work to do and the opportunity to perfect your capabilities and abilities. Be thankful that you have the opportunity to learn something new every day, with every new task that is given to you. This is why you have vacations and off days, to recharge your batteries after so much difficult work. And guess what? You’ll end up appreciating more that spare time when it comes. This is an advice that Nicole Rodrigues, a successful business woman that today is the CEO of her own PR agency was told by a mentor, and still applies it to the day.

Learn how to “sell” yourself

Maybe “market” would be more suitable in this case but learning how to “sell” your abilities and skills is a thing that you have to learn even at a very young age. If you don’t pride yourself on all your accomplishments, and successes, others might remain ignorant to those. If you don’t advertise your hard work, who will, after all?! Start today. Tell your boss a thing that you have succeeded to accomplish, even if you never thought you were able to. They might not be aware of it until you tell them, and in business you want to make everybody aware of how great of a job you’re doing.


Follow these smart pieces of advice we gathered from successful business women all over the world, and your journey will certainly be easier than theirs. Hard work matters but allow yourself to have a break from time to time. You deserve it!

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