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Top 13 Social Media Tools You Can’t Ignore at All

In today’s times you could be members in a couple of social media platforms which we know have different thought line behind them. 

Top 13 Social Media Tools You Can’t Ignore at All

Monday July 16, 2018,

15 min Read


As a business owner or as a person if you wish to manage all your social media channels at the same time or you can say wish to communicate with all the members together at the same time, is it possible? Well yes, you can. Gone are the times of logging in all your accounts and messaging, phew! That’s such a life savior. Now you can simply manage your multiple social media profiles with a simple single tool or you can also call it a single place from where everything can be managed. Not just this you can schedule events, posts, contests, polls, news events, panel discussions so on and so forth. Also, you can even track analytics on them too.

Easy hassle free handling, lesser time consuming and instant is the kind of social media management tool features one is always looking for.

Here are a few social media marketing tools which we have shortlisted for you to make your pick from so that you can become a smarter social media geek to simply put it that way.

MAVSocial - The Amazingly Intuitive Tool


 An immensely intuitive visual content management tool where tons of photographs, videos, infographics can be stored and also accessed. It is such an amazing social media tool where the entire visual content can be organized, judged, agreed upon and flawlessly published to the major social media networks. The user interface is so conveniently placed, fits your budget too, thus making it the first choice for businesses for usage the world over.

This is one of the best content management and publishing tools too which can be easily comprehended and simple to understand by the users making it one of the most preferred when it comes to organizing, analyzing, managing as well as publishing ones content especially the visual one. Thus this visual content management platform is one of the most favorite ones with businesses both big as well as small giving a new dimension to social media marketing tools.

Sprout Social 


They make social media management, advocacy, and analytics software for businesses. The main aspect is that you can handle all your social media channels from one place; well you must be wondering that every social media tool offers this. However, the distinctive feature is the social monitoring tool offered here where you can input your brand keyword and see what others are searching for in that keyword. This is a great asset. 

Added to this, their customer relationship management tool and social media management tool is the very best where you can connect with your customer, also the tool is mobile friendly. The key advantage with Sprout social is their google analytics feature which is available with every membership that they offer.

Added to this with sprout social you can send messages across multiple channels on the scheduled time and further all members in the team can see the messages that are scheduled to be sent out, so that team members have full access to the content too.

Buffer - The Most Preferred One


Considered as one of the easiest and most user-friendly social media marketing tools available across different platforms. You can schedule posts, analyze performance and you can manage all accounts from one place through Buffer, thus giving you more control. You get the advantage where you can publish posts to more than half a dozen social media platforms.

Salient features:

• Share posts to multiple social media accounts from one place

• Automatically send posts on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest

• You can Schedule posts in advance and adjust posting schedules can also be done.

• Analytics can be viewed and activity can be tracked.

• Videos and images to posts can be added

• Automatic posts can be published through RSS feeds.

• iOS and Android apps are also available here

HootSuite - The Most Famous Tool


It’s an all in one platform where you can curate, publish and schedule, calculate your ROI, as well as run your social media ads too Analytics play a major role here as you can and will reorient your campaign keeping this in mind. The best thing which everyone just loves with Hoot suite is being able to monitor multiple accounts and keywords, connect with over 35 social networks, and bulk-schedule your media posts making it as one of the best and edgy social media management tools.

What all you do with HootSuite; You Can

• Schedule Posts

• Carry out SM campaigns

• Manage engagement

• Track conversations

• Monitor the competition

• Measure the effectiveness of the campaign using analytics and generate reports, across all popular social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ Page, LinkedIn, and Foursquare.

Hoot Suite is an excellent team management tool which can across different teams, thus everything can be handled from a central hub spread through different local hubs.

Advantages with Hootsuite

• You can manage 3 social profiles in one place

• You can Schedule 30 posts in advance

• You can generate leads with social contests

Be it Twitter, Facebook Profiles & Pages, LinkedIn Profiles & PagesGoogle+ Pages (not personal profiles), Foursquare, Instagram, WordPress blogs, Vimeo, Tumblr, Evernote, Flickr, MailChimp, SlideShare, Storify (via 3rd party apps) and much much more, everything will be perfectly handled.

MeetEdgar - The Big Content Manager Tool


It’s a great content management tool for social media where content is posted and grouped into different categories. This content is then recycled as per the category on the social media rather than simply just putting the posts. All you need to do is put the content in different categories and add a timeslot to the category. This is then churned and then published in different categories making it unique giving it one of the very best features to the social media management tool.


• Unlimited content library- pulls content right from your library, Shuffle & pause at will!

• Native video support-Add videos from Facebook or any other platform

• Color-coded categories to help you keep your favorite category in place

• Shortens links and tracks clicks

• Uploads and edits in bulk from any source

• Edgar browser extension can be accessed from anywhere

• RSS feed support from your favorite RSS site

• An auto-expiring content facility as per what you set.

TweetDeck - The Twitter Tool


As the name sounds, Tweetdeck is a social media analysis tool with an application dashboard exclusively for Twitter. This interacts with Twitter whereby it allows users to view and send as well as receive tweets and also view profiles. Here you can personalize your Twitter experience by viewing your tweets in multiple columns. Also, you can organize your Tweets in different columns and lists and can even hashtag them so that they can be followed if you wish to.

Owing to its popularity at one time its market share was more than Twitter itself.

With this tool, you can schedule tweets, have notification alerts, provide support for your Twitter list, provide yourself with added support tools and also have access to a LinkedIn column.

Social Oomph - The Oomph Factor Automated Tool


This is a service which is both free and paid which provides productivity enhancement services for the social media users. Here you can easily manage your social media accounts and your blog from one console itself.

A number of tasks which you do on social media can be easily automated here with this social media marketing tool. Twitter users are more attracted here owing to the automation features where purging your tweets or restarting your account makes it a very keen feature. Bulk tweet uploading, URL shortening, Keyword tracking are just a few of the loads of other features that they offer.

Sendible - The Amazing Social Media Analysis Tool


It could be a campaign for a brand or simply managing it across the entire social media, this is the best-suited tool where it provides a great base for you to monitor and analyze as well. Keeps your audience engaged which is very essential for all kinds of businesses be it big or small. Here you can easily funnel out the messages that you wish to read through your dashboard. Your productivity increases as all the client activities can be easily handled through one centralized location where you can send all the reports and can personalize the same by giving them a nice theme which actually leaves a very good impression on the client. Apart from this, there are a couple of startling features offered by Sendible which makes it a preferred choice with professionals. Let’s take a quick look at the pertinent ones:

Analyses Social activity: It analyses the activity happening on your account. It identifies the chances which you had to take the communication ahead so that you can judge for yourself the opportunities you had.

You can export data about user behavior towards your brand. Further, it helps you identify the members who have a positive view regarding your brand so that you can further pitch them with more information. This is actually too beneficial a feature for your brand.

Analysis of other brands in the same industry can be carried out so as to assess your positioning on the social media as to how much your posts are valued and regarded. This is very useful as you can alter your social media posts based on the results you receive here.

You can create, manage as well as schedule your content which you plan to publish across the social media. Added to this you can manage all your social media activities across the different channels where you can even optimize the different advertisements as well to reach your target and benefit you.

Here your content, campaigns, and brand names everything is very secure. You can monitor and keep a check on all the competitor brands in the industry so that there is no cheating, frauds, and copy write violations happening. This feature is actually a boon.

 You can schedule and automate replies to posts on the social media where you intend to.

Sendible most importantly a social media analytics tool which takes care of you and keeps your competitor too under their eyes. Sendible keeps a track of what your competitor is doing, his followers, his new posts or product launches or anything of the like which would make difference to your brand. Everything will be kept under their watchful eyes.

Sendible finds brand advocates for you who can be beneficial for you where you can latch on to them and benefit from their large following too.

Analyses how every engagement activity fares on the social platform. How many likes you receive, how many likes so on and so forth thus proving to be a great and beyond par social media analytics tool.

Tracks and measures the success of any paid advertising initiatives that have been done.

Sendible tracks path of users that come to your website and converts into customers. Also, it tracks the activity on a number of your social media accounts giving you a wider analysis and turning out to be a wonderful social media management tool.

This tool basically helps you make a good idea of the shape your social media is taking and if it’s going on the right track or not.

 Social Flow - The Brainy Tool


This is such a brainy social media marketing tool which studies and works on real-time data as well as business rules to determine what and when to publish to the social media properties for both the owned & paid social posts. They analyze and study the trend of clicks coming to a post which is indicative of the way the posts is being taken.

The company believes that understanding and utilizing key metrics of engagement, such as clicks per tweet and clicks per follower, is central to growing a large and active social media following, which is actually the premise of a social media campaign.

You simply source your content here, set some rules like the timing of posting content, minimum content etc. Now Social flow will analyze this real-time conversational data and deliver the right message at the right time. Not just this, Social Flow will even select the right audience based on the audiences with the similar profiling and the targeted market giving immense features to its social media analytics tool.

Optimization, Streamlining and publishing are the amazing features of this social media management tool has, thus making social media sharing very easy and efficient

TAILWIND - The Smart Tool


Tailwind is a smart way to schedule on Pinterest and Instagram.

You can save time with multi-board pinning, hashtag lists, bulk image upload, drag-and-drop calendar and other shortcuts. Plus, you can automatically optimize your Instagram and Pinterest schedules to engage your audience at the right time. You can measure effectiveness with detailed analytics and insights. Here you can create multiple posts from any website with a single click.

The Hashtag Finder automatically suggests the best Instagram hashtags for your reader too. In addition, you can improve your efficiency by using a single tool and workflow to post all your visual marketing content on Pinterest and Instagram. The best part is that this application as a social media marketing tool is that it's immensely affordable even for businesses with a limited budget.

• Configured in Java, the tool has amazing programming features

• Simple and smart scheduling for Instagram where you can organize and schedule with your drag and drop calendar and create drafts on the go.

• Schedule drafts from apps and safari

• Pinterest and Instagram users it's a marketing tool for bloggers and small businesses

• Schedule posts, track conversations, discover content, extend your reach, and measure results

• You can also analyze content trends on Instagram and Pinterest to learn about what your readers are interested in.

• Finally, you can track results to understand which type of content is effective and deliver more of it to your Instagram and Pinterest audience.

Social Pilot - The Brand Awareness Enhancer Tool


This Social media marketing tool is a boon which aims to increase brand awareness & traffic for businesses. Preferred to be called as a Social media marketing tool for agencies this tool actually talks about managing social media, scheduling social media posts, improving engagement schedules and analyzing results at a very affordable cost.

Be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google +, Pinterest, VK, Tumblr, Xing, Linked In, all the posts can be handled from here. Well. what else can one ask for? Thus you enhance your social efficiency and save upon your time too.

IFTTT - The Cause and Effect Tool


The, IF Then Then That (IFTTT) is a web-based chain service to create simple conditional statements. This works on a simple cause and effect principle like if a situation happens then it will trigger a reaction. This works through APPLETS. These are automated reactions which happen on the basis of a cause. For instance, if a new member joins on facebook an automated applet will be triggered and sent to the member. Thus the connection is instantly established

This works with around 160 channels LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Dropbox, YouTube, and many more platform and applets based on reactions thus enhancing the scope of the social media analysis tool.

Friends+Me - The Friendly Tool


This is a very easy to use user-friendly content managing social media management tool app and effective scheduling app specially for Google+ where you can share Google+ posts to other social media channels like Facebook, Tumblr, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Friends+Me supports scheduling of profiles, communities and allows you to set up automation of your Google + posts to other channels.

• You can use this from both IOS & Android platforms and can be used on Windows, MACos and Linus Operating systems.

• Another great advantage here is that it provides you benefits of SEO where it will enhance the brand visibility on the web and attract more visitors on your social media page.

• Not just Google, a complete comprehensive analytics is carried out for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn, where the Activity of the posts on either of these channels is analyzed, there audience engagement time is analyzed and depending on this the timing of the posts is finalized. Not just this the marketing campaign and the followers of the same are analyzed and the success or how the campaign is fairing is analyzed

• Bulk scheduling, Social media calendar, content curation, client management, team management, RSS feed automation are a few of the added features.

Social media marketing is here to stay, the only thing which is going to change that is coming up with new channels and platforms and the ever-increasing number of people using different channels. Well everybody has their favorites among the different Social media marketing tools owing to their ease of use, implementation features offered and most importantly ease in understanding and usage as well as budget suitability as well. There is great information available owing to the innumerable social media blogs available over the internet which can take you through the entire process so that you can select the best from the rest.

With these tools at your disposal, you have more time to plan ahead and come up with newer strategies to target and attract the audience. The only thing that must not seize is communication, this needs to keep going.