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Top 13+ Best Free Photo Editor for Mac In (2020)

Here is the list of top 13 best photo editing software for mac in 2020. Must use these photo editor to make your work easy

Top 13+ Best Free Photo Editor for Mac In (2020)

Sunday July 19, 2020,

10 min Read

Are you looking for best photo editor for mac in 2020 then you are on the right place. Photo editing is an art that includes enhancements to improve the quality of an image. There are two types of photo editing, one is manually photo editing and the other is automatic photo editing using the software.

In general, photo editing is done by using simple photo editing techniques. There are so many photo editors available that provide different types of features to edit the images. The Use of photo editors can improve the quality of an image. Simple editing can be done manually but complex editing requires some automatic software with advanced features.

In the Mac system, there is no need for an expensive photo editor for simple photo edits. There are some built-in Mac photo editor applications for editing and perfecting the photos. Using these free photo editors, one can adjust, crop, and filter the photos. Cropping is one of the simplest features available in each free photo editor. It can change the focus of the image and remove background noise. Mac photo editor allows you to apply many built-in different filters. Filters are used to add some advanced personality to the photos. 

Best Free Photo Editing Software for Mac

To add some higher level of features to the photos, there is some free photo editor for Mac. There is no requirement to buy a free photo editor as you can download them from the play store as well. Here is a list of best free photo editing software for Mac, which is as given below:

1. Luminar 4:

It is a Mac photo editor that is based on artificial intelligence to speed up the editing process of the images. This software includes all possible features related to photo editing. It is very easy to use than the other existing software. Its main and effective feature is the Sky Replacement tool. Users can access this software for 7 days as a free trial. It is available at two costs. for new users, it has a cost of $89 and for Luminar users, it has a cost of $69. It includes portraits, sunrays, beauty, contrast, landscape, and many more tools to enhance the images. Nowadays, it has become one of the famous photo editor software for Mac.

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2. Canva:

Canva is the best free photo editing software for Mac. It is used for the professional level of photo editing with different kinds of templates. To make logos, posters, pamphlets, and hashtags of the photos, one can use Canva as a photo editor. Canva has free cloud storage for the images to keep the images organized. It is a mobile application with free and paid versions. Using this Mac photo editor, you can adjust contrast, brightness, and effects with text editing tools. For home users, the free version is enough. But for the business purpose, there are some paid packages are as given below:

  • Canva Pro is available for US$9.95 per month.
  • Canva Enterprise is available for US$30 per month.

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GNU Image Manipulation Program is the full form of the GIMP. It is one of the best photo editor of the Mac photo editor. It is used for advanced photo editing. GIMP is open-source software. This software has highly customized image enhancement tools as a free photo editor. It has various ways to enhance the images like cropping, filtering, reduce the noise, blur the image including masks, curves, and animation as well. It is also a famous Mac photo editor alternative to Adobe Photoshop. The GIMP package has some pre-installed plugins with others available to install separately. It has more than 40 export formats with different types of layers. As this is a free photo editor, one can download this from the GIMP website without paying any amount. 

4. Fotor:

Fotor is one of the free photo editor for Mac. If you want to enhance the photos in seconds, then Fotor is one of the best photo editors to improve the quality of the images. This software has highly recommended premium level filters to add some specifications to an image. It has a quick enhancement of the image as there is a feature to allow more than one image to be enhanced in one goes. It has features like artificial lightning, sunset, portrait, landscape, and theater. Fotor supports JPG, PNG, and PDF formats to export the images.

5. Pixlr X:

Pixlr X is an updated version of the Pixlr Editor which is based on the comprehensive browser. It is free photo editor software for the quick results of image enhancement. Using this one can enhance colors, saturation, sharpen, and blur images with some effects and frames. It includes some advanced editing tools with a clear interface. It helps to put images in a complex composition from multiple images. It also includes all the Instagram style options with pop art effects. There is no requirement to pay a single penny, as it can be installed from its official website. It is the best free photo editing software for Mac.

6. Adobe Photoshop Express Editor:

It is a Mac photo editor which provides an efficient way to improve lighting and exposure problems of an image. This free photo editor supports all platforms either a smartphone or tablet. It has a well designed full-screen option to enlarge the images. It is used to edit and decorate the images with excellent fill light options. You can retrieve the original image any time as it has non-destructive edits of the images. It supports only JPG format to export the images. There is no option for direct sharing on social media. For social media sharing, you have to choose a file name and destination.

7. Affinity Photo:

It is a successor to PhotoPlus. This is the best free photo editing software for Mac. It is a type of raster graphics editor. This application can be considered as an alternative to Adobe Photoshop. Using this, one can edit and manipulate the raw files of the images to enhance them. It is the best photo editor which is the first recommendation of thousands of users. It is one of the cheapest and simplest software used for photo editing. It has a one-time price of $49.99 for downloading. For beginners, it is one of the best choices to learn photo editing.

9. Lightroom:

It is a Mac photo editor with a pro editing and management tool. Lightroom can be installed from the Mac App Store. It is not a free photo editor as it will require a $9.99 monthly subscription. If you want simple editing of raw files, then Lightroom is one of the best choices for the Mac photo editor. This software can adjust all types of contrast and brightness with all simple effects and frames. It is a part of the Creative Cloud Photography. Other than this, it supports Windows, iOS, Android, and tvOS also.

10. Pixelmator:

It is a Mac photo editor used as a photo editing application. One can create pixel-based art using its features like painting, retouching, navigation, and color correction as well as layers based image editing. It is an alternative to Adobe Photoshop. You can install this from the Mac App Store. It is not a free photo editor for Mac as it costs $29.99 per month after the free trial of 30 days. It is a faster and simplest application than the others. It has another version named Pixelmator Pro which allows you to combine more than one image in a single edited image. Most of the users recommend Pixelmator without its pro version.

11. Google Photos:

It is the best free photo editing software for Mac. It also supports other platforms like Windows, Android, and iOS. It is one of the online photo editors which is cloud-based. It has 15GB of free space to organize the images in an ordered way. It has all the basic filters and editing tools used for the simple and straightforward editing of the images. It is a free photo editor. From Google Photos, you can retrieve the original image any time as it has non-destructive editing of the pictures. Google Photos allows its users to secure the images from third party access.

12. Darktable:

It is a free photo editor for Mac which is available in 26 languages. This can handle a large number of images by editing them in one go only. It has a feature of non-destructive editing which can be helpful to retrieve the original image from the edited images. It has a full implementation of color management. Darktable searches your image by tags to sort and filter them. It has basic operations like crop and rotates, base curve, exposure controls, and white balance. It supports the JPEG, CR2, NEF, HDR, PFM, RAW export formats. It is open-source software that can be used by end-users to edit the photos. 

13. Picktorial:

With the version of 4.0 of Pictorial, it is the best free photo editing software for Mac. Users need not pay a single penny to access this as they can download this application from the Mac App Store. This software has some built-in features to edit the photographs. It can be used as an alternative to more expensive photo editing software. It is quite similar to Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. It is used for color correction, conversion, and image sorting. Picktorial has raw image processing software to access the raw files of the photos. It is used for Digital Asset Management, remove noise, retouch on the spot, and Local Adjustment. 

14. Photolemur 3:

It is photo editor software used for the Mac operating systems. Photolemur 3 is a free open source editing software. It is available with a watermark. For a beginner, it is the best free photo editor for Mac to learn the editing. This software is based on artificial intelligence with an automatic photo enhancer technique. To edit a photo, you just need to select the image and drag and drop them. After that, the program will automatically enhance the image. There are a large number of styles to improve the looking of the images. With this application, you do not need to worry about editing. 


All above are the best free photo editing software for Mac. Photo Editing is a type of art. If you are interested in photo editing, then you have to choose the right photo editor application. Because unless you choose a good editing application, you will not get features for that much photo edit. Photo editing software is required to apply some filters and effects to the original image to get a certain look. For other advanced features, there is some other editing software that needs a subscription to access them.