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Monday June 12, 2017,

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I am from TamilNadu and have never been out of India, yet I have travelled few of my neighbouring states. 

When you are out of town, here are some list which I know, that you should keep in mind when it comes to food.

If you are a whole generous kind of a person who spend a lot of money on food, then it is too good to take your meal in a sophisticated hotel. They will serve the best of all dishes whichever type it is.

When you are about to take a cab or an auto rickshaw, running out of time, then you could have a simple food right nearby. Curd rice, lime rice or any kind of variety rice or few Rotis could fill your tummy.

When you are spending days visiting relatives, simply ask them the good restaurant to have food for and try that out.

Always prefer food which belongs to the particular place. Be so native about it. That is, do not prefer Dosa or Idly, when you are in any of the northern states of India. Similarly, do not prefer Papad Sabzi or Paneer Makhani, when you go to any of the southern states.

If you are travelling in train, it is much better to take home made food. In my experience, train food is so awful.

Buddy, it is FOOD. No wrong in precautionary thoughts, right?. We may take things for granted, until we suffer for it. We don't understand the richness of food until we yearn for a good one. People raised up in hostel know this and people who have no one to take care know this.

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