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If Elon Musk can learn everything just by reading book why can’t we?

Meanwhile whatever the reason, I can tell you there is nothing in this world which we can’t be self-taught. 

If Elon Musk can learn everything just by reading book why can’t we?

Tuesday June 06, 2017,

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Have you ever feel something remarkable and you don’t believe on that ?? I started my B.Tech as mechanical engineering. My love for startup started in the 2nd year of engineering. It starts getting bigger and better and inclination toward programming and coding also start getting denser. I tried to learn few basics programming language like HTML, CSS, PHP etc. many times. But every time all the tag and syntax were going above my head. And I had even said to myself that Suman programming is not your cup of tea and I don’t think you will ever learn it.


Recently I read an article of Hiten Shah “How to build your startup with no Technical Background or Budget“. In that the article, he had highlighted the story of How Ryan Hoover and Jack Ma started Product hunt and Ali Baba respectively without having a technical background. He also highlighted how Jack Ma learned building website and started the first version of Ali Baba.

The best part was “how as an entrepreneur the must should have the skill called Self-learning”. If you don’t know the programming that doesn’t mean you can’t learn. You certainly don’t have to be a hardcore programmer because you are not looking for a job as a developer. As you are thinking of building something in the space so, you should know how things work, which will help you to ask questions or visualized better.

After reading the article I want to give one shot (meanwhile I had failed many times while trying to learn, literally many times). On LinkedIn learning I started with Course called “Essential Training of HTML” (5:43 hrs course). Certainly, I was enjoying the course from the first video. And guess what I completed the course in 3 days. Course exercise helps me to practice the code along with the video. I enjoyed everything starting with adding an image, linking external link, changing the color of background etc. When I inserted my first image using HTML that was a Wow moment for me :)!!

Now, whenever I found any new website first thing I do is checked their source code and I enjoyed doing this because now I know the meaning of everything used in the website :). I am learning CSS and PHP and both are 4 hours course, I will learn CSS and PHP in next two to three weeks and hoping to code my first website very soon.

From phobia of coding to learning and enjoying coding, I was trying to connect the dot and keep on thinking what mistake I had committed in my few of earlier attempt. And I came to few conclusion.

I was not trying to learn basics rather, the mindset was to build or learn entire website in a single attempt.

I was my mindset that coding is hard and it’s not my cup of tea.

I have never been so optimistic about learning coding which was highly influenced by the reading those stories in which Jack Ma learned and build their own first version.

Meanwhile whatever the reason, I can tell you there is nothing in this world which we can’t be self-taught so, if Elon Musk can learn everything by reading books then why can’t we because we have various other better option than Book right?

I hope my small experience will help you in self-learning!


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